10 Pokémon You Can Catch At Ryerson University

Admissions Communications team member, Chris, is ready to catch ’em all!

Ryerson University has often been applauded for the diversity of its student body. With the release of Pokémon GO, we were delighted to find that the selection of Pokémon on campus was just as assorted! Here are a few sightings we’ve had over the past few days:


1) Drowzee


Hangs out around the Student Learning Centre to check up on those sleepy students coming from morning classes. Watch out for its Dream Eater attack – wouldn’t want to forget everything you just studied!


2) Horsea


This cutie can be found taking a dip in Lake Devo! Water Pokémon tend to populate this area, so visit often!


3) Tauros


Not quite a ram, but it’ll do…


4) Krabby


Caught this one stopping by The Hub in search of the seafood special!


5) Tentacool


Looked like it was trying to beef up those noodley arms at the Ryerson Athletics Centre.


6) Voltorb

VoltorbThese little guys are attracted to bright minds and magnetic personalities, so of course they’d show up at Ryerson.


7) Pidgey


They’re pretty much everywhere… so, if you ever need some company while you’re at the ServiceHub, they’re usually quite friendly!


8) Venonat


Eep! A shy Venonat running away from the photo!


9) Meowth


If you’re heading home to Pitman Hall, you might come across a Meowth eagerly waiting to give you a high five!


10) Shellder


There’s a Shellder named Shelldon Levy (after our former president, Sheldon Levy), that loves to chill on the Gould Street patio during sunny days!


BONUS! Scyther


This rare Pokémon was spotted on the outskirts of campus dicing up some food at Swiss Chalet!

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