10 Gifs that Perfectly Explain a 3-Hour Lecture

A 3-hour lecture brings a bunch of feelings; be it hunger, exhaustion or excitement, here are 10 gifs that perfectly relatable during your lectures.

1. When you walk into class and your classmates saved you a spot!


2. When your prof is late.


3. When you look at the clock and realize you are only halfway through class.

giphy (1)


giphy (2)

5. When your stomach growls and you feel like it sounds like this:

giphy (3)

6. That feeling you get when you pay attention and feel like a genius.

giphy (4)

7. Quiz time

giphy (5)

8. That moment when the person behind you won’t pay attention.

giphy (6)

9. When the prof ends class early

giphy (7)

10. …But then you see the readings list. 

giphy (8)

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