10 Defining University Experiences

Like any other major stage of your life, things happen in university that will shape you into a newer, better, and more developed version of yourself. They might not always be pleasant, but every experience you encounter in your university years will help you grow into the person you’re meant to be. Once you’ve gone through these experiences, you won’t even believe how different you are and how much you’ve learned from everything you went through. Here’s 10 experiences that are essential to university and that you’ll be glad you got the chance to live them (at least once)!


1. You’ll pull a mind-bending all-nighter.


Juggling assignments in university can be tricky, especially when you’re not used to the overlapping due dates and heightened responsibilities. Just ONCE, you have to know what it’s like to break your brain on an all-night study-fest. It’ll teach you the value of time management and you’ll never have to go through that again!


2. You’ll answer a question in class and feel completely terrified. 


Some classes require you to participate on a weekly basis as part of your grade. Others you just might be compelled to raise your hand and share your thoughts. The first time you decide to speak up in a university lecture will be daunting, but eventually the fear will wear off and you’ll be able to contribute to the class discussions that make learning the material much more interesting and engaging.


3. You’ll feel embarrassed about a class disturbance.


Trust me, it’s happened to all of us. Whether it’s entering a lecture late or inadvertently letting your cell phone ring, there will be a time when you’re absolutely mortified about being the centre of attention in class. And once it happens to you, you can empathize with whoever else is on the receiving end next time and try not to feel so self-conscious.


4. You’ll feel comfortable and confident in your surroundings


After those necessary awkward moments, you’ll be able to move past them and feel totally in your element!


5. You’ll have a brilliant prof who impresses you


Profs tend to be super smart and really interesting to listen to, but there will always be that one prof who’s your favourite because of how much they know on their field of study and how they can engage you on a deep level. There’s nothing like having an expert teach you something you really enjoy.


6. You’ll meet your people. 


It’s sad to think about, but sometimes in high school you’re only friends with people because you see them every day. In university, you’ll meet friends who have the exact same interests as you, and you’ll form a deep bond unlike any other.


7. You’ll start to grow up. 


You’ll reach a point in university where you’ll start to feel like a real adult. You’ll expand your mind and be exposed to a whole new world that makes it harder to relate to younger people like you used to. All of a sudden, you’ll have to say goodbye to your adolescence and prepare yourself for a new chapter: young adulthood.


8. You’ll get a really satisfying mark.


When you study subjects you’re really interested in, you’ll come across an assignment that you’ll be able to nail and be really proud with the results. That type of confidence can allow you to achieve even greater things.


9. You’ll learn how to cope with stress. 


It won’t always be smooth sailing, but you’ll learn what little things to take the time to enjoy and reward yourself with after hard work. For me, it’s definitely treating myself with delicious foods when I know I’ve earned it.


10. You’ll be excited to learn.

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There will always be that one class you’ll be absolutely pumped to attend. It’s a strange step from high school when you’re not always passionate about what you’re learning, but getting to choose your courses and explore so many new areas of learning is one of the best things about university.

I hoped this list can help you prepare for what’s the come in university. It can be scary not knowing what lies ahead, but trust me when I say you’ll have the time of your life! Until next time!

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