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How to give your study space a glow up

I miss being able to study in new environments such as coffee shops, friend’s places and various buildings on campus. The pandemic has forced me to be at the desk in my room a lot more often than I would’ve expected before the pandemic. Although I did study at home from time-to-time before, it was […]
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6 Easy 3-ingredient snacks

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from binge-watching cooking shows during the pandemic, it’s that I have neither the time nor the money to make most of the dishes shown. And chances are, neither do most students! However, that shouldn’t be an excuse to just reach for a bag of chips when hunger strikes.  Your […]

What I have gained by taking risks

My name is Ayaan Irfan, a second-year Public Health student in the Faculty of Community Services. I love to play soccer, watch movies, explore places and go to the gym. I am really excited to write this blog for WhyRyerson by sharing my experience as an incoming student. Taking risks is a big part of […]
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Navigating university online as a first-year student

University can be tough, the transition from high-school to university can be overwhelming. Now imagine all that being shifted online. Yes, it seems intimidating, but as a current first-year student who doesn’t know what being on campus feels like, I’ve picked up on a few things that work for me when figuring out this online […]
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An interview with my Tri-Mentoring Program mentee Nyashia!

Here at Ryerson, I wear many hats. I’m a Creative Industries student, a student ambassador for WhyRyerson, and most recently I became a peer mentor in Ryerson’s Tri-Mentoring Program (TMP). This is an awesome program that needs more recognition, so I decided to ask my first-year Mentee, Nyashia, about peer mentoring, why she decided to […]

The Nursing student experience in memes

There were many reasons why I chose my program, but the biggest reasons were that I wanted a career where I could save lives, bring comfort to people and make a difference. When I tell people I’m a Nursing student they have a million questions. What kind of nurse do you want to be? Will […]
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5 Ways to keep in touch with friends

The COVID-19 pandemic has made seeing our friends and classmates in person quite difficult. However, just because you can’t see each other in person doesn’t mean you need to lose contact. Here are some ways that current Ryerson students are staying connected with their friends:  Schedule conversations “My friends and I usually schedule FaceTime sessions […]
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Hello from the other side!

Hey everyone, I’m Zainab! I’m one of the International Student Ambassadors originally from Dubai, UAE (where I am right now, hence the fitting title). Before we get into it, allow me to introduce myself: I’m a third-year student in the Journalism program hoping to double minor in Fashion and English, and live my dreams of […]
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If you like *this*, check out these programs!

Choosing university programs to apply to can be totally intimidating, I get it!  There’s so many to choose from (Ryerson itself has over 60 undergraduate programs) that finding one to suit you can be difficult.  Have no fear, I have provided a basic approach to finding a program that suits your interests:  If you like […]

Five parks near Ryerson that you need to visit

I love living in the city, but sometimes I just need some time to get away from the crowds and the noise. Luckily, Ryerson is located in close proximity to multiple green spaces. After exploring a wide variety of parks throughout my four years at Ryerson I thought I would share my five favourites with […]

Hello everyone, Now I’ve personally always found watching “day in the life” videos super interesting, regardless of who it was. Today I wanted to put a little twist on it and take you all along with what a day in my life looks like as a Ryerson University Professional Communication student. What also makes this […]

Ever wondered what online school looks like? Well, wonder no more as I share a day in my life as a first-year Journalism student. My first year experience has been everything but normal, and I was afraid of what to expect. That being said, being about two months into the Journalism program, I have learned […]

We asked our students and they spoke. The Faculty of Community Services (FCS) put out a call to FCS students asking them to tell us what they wished they had known about their program before applying and we got a LOT of responses. If you have applied to a program in the Faculty of Community […]