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The Global Co-op Experience

The Ted Rogers School of Management has 12 incredible Co-op programs – one for each major/program. I’m currently enrolled in the Global Management Co-op program and have just completed two four-month terms, and let me tell you – they have been the most exhilarating eight months of my life.   First half of my Co-op […]

The Scholarship Situation

When I applied for university last year, I was daunted by all the fees for my first year (application fees, tuition deposits, residence fees). I started to look for scholarships to help me out. Ryerson has guaranteed and renewable scholarships available to first-year undergraduate applicants from a Canadian high school that have an overall average of […]

Applying to Residence 101

Before starting university, there are many decisions that need to be made, like whether or not you want to live on campus. For some people (like me!) living on campus is a must if they’re going away for school. For those who live closer, deciding to live in residence is a decision that has to […]