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In the top left corner, there is an image of the Ryerson quad. In the bottom left there is a white background with black text saying "If Parks and Rec characters went to Ryerson". The right side of the image is a photo of Ryerson's mascot Eggy the Ram pointing at the camera

If Parks and Rec characters went to Ryerson

Pawnee, Indiana and Toronto, Ontario are two very different places. Toronto doesn’t have a ton of large park space, but Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation Department would still find a way to shine at Ryerson.  Leslie Knope Pawnee’s favourite Parks employee would no doubt be part of Ryerson’s Politics and Governance program to help guide her […]

What to expect when onboarding for a co-op virtually

The pandemic has changed many things this past year and the co-op experience is one of them. As the majority of office jobs have transformed to work from home around the world, co-op positions have too. The majority of co-op positions posted for the winter 2021 semester on the co-op portal were work from home positions, […]

5 things you should consider when selecting a university

Picking a university to go to is tough. Believe me, I know. It’s probably the biggest life decision you’ve made so far, and it can feel really intimidating. Here are five things you should consider when you’re selecting a university to make the process a little less daunting.  1. Program The NUMBER ONE thing you […]

How to nail a coffee chat

“Coffee chat” is a term that you’ll become familiar with during your time at university, but will also be something you hear a lot after graduating. The term essentially means a short one-on-one informational type interview with someone in your network you would like to know more about. The name comes from these chats usually […]
Three students holding Ryerson admissions handbooks.

5 Lessons I’ve learned from working during university

A high school teacher of mine once told me that the average person will hold a dozen jobs in their lifetime. Recently, I came to the realization that I’ve already reached double digits on the number of jobs I’ve worked! These include server, French tutor, community assistant, tour guide and currently, digital marketing assistant. Most […]

What I miss most about being on campus

It has been nearly one year since Ryerson transitioned to virtual learning. Most first-year students haven’t even had the chance to experience Ryerson’s campus to its fullest. By now I’ve gotten quite used to learning from home, yet I can’t help but reminisce about my days learning from inside a lecture hall. Words cannot describe […]
Shot of student working at their desk

The perfect guide to finding scholarships

University can be expensive. Tuition, residence, food, textbooks – it all adds up faster than you think! A perk of becoming a Ryerson student is that you have access to multiple scholarships and bursaries to apply for throughout your academic career. Here are a few scholarships and websites that you should consider:    Guaranteed Entrance […]

7 movies/TV shows with Ryerson alumni you have to watch

Ryerson University is known for its creative programs such as Film Studies, Performance Acting and Media Production, which is why it’s no surprise that Ryerson alumnus are all over the entertainment industry and in popular television shows and movies. I have highlighted seven notable Ryerson alumni and productions that they worked on that you should […]

The inside scoop on Ryerson’s Residences from an ex-residence advisor

Hey, future Rams – let’s talk about all things housing! Understandably so, one of the biggest things folks are interested in when it comes to their future university is the residence buildings they offer. Although Ryerson has quite the commuter population, there are lots of people (myself included) who opt to stay on-campus. And while […]

Why (business) co-op?

You may have opened this blog because you’re wondering what co-op is and why you should do it. First of all, co-op is paid work experience that is integrated throughout your degree and extends your program by an additional year. Co-op is an option for all Business Management students at Ryerson, and I’m here to […]

This past semester was my first looking for a co-op position during the pandemic as I was lucky enough to have received an offer for the summer 2020 term before the pandemic even began. This semester presented new challenges as I adjusted to how hiring managers conducted interviews and other assessment components. Although the search […]

So, you’re applying to university. Fantastic! Are you wondering about the difference between a major and a minor? What’s a bachelor’s degree? What are course intentions? Don’t fret, I’m here to help you understand the university term basics! — Bachelor’s degree: when students graduate from their undergraduate degree programs, they obtain a bachelor’s degree. There […]

Currently the safest option for studying is studying at home, and if you’re like me your home study space may not be that large. As a student you may only have your room within your parent’s place, a dorm room or a small apartment as as rent in Toronto isn’t exactly the cheapest. Small spaces […]