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Career Centre booth outside of the Ryerson campus

Why you should get an on-campus job

Understanding managers, supportive teammates, opportunities to grow and an inclusive workplace are all of the things that I have experienced working an on-campus job with the Office of Registrar and more specifically, WhyRyerson. Lucky for me, working here exemplifies all of the traits that a job should have. Now, if there is any advice I […]
Shot of Ryerson student's desk while completing remote learning

My highlights of first year university

Starting university is rarely easy for students. Meeting new friends, getting to grips with your classes and for some, moving away from home for the first time are all challenges. My first year experience has looked nothing like the previous years before, and I didn’t have a playbook on how to navigate university online.  I’m […]

Which Business Management Major is right for you?

The Business Management program within the Ted Rogers School of Management has a world of opportunities and diverse majors for students to choose from. Students in the program get an overview of all areas of business in their first year before they choose their major, but if you are eager like I was in high […]
An image of Olivia Seward wearing a pink tie-dye shirt with "Ryerson School of Performance" on it

Performance: Production takes centre stage

One of Ryerson’s most hands-on programs is the Faculty of Communication and Design’s Performance: Production program, which is one of the three programs in the School of Performance. Olivia Seward is a third-year Performance: Production student who gave me her insight on the program and her experience in it so far.  Olivia had been interested […]
An image of Queen St W and the bridge above it that links the Eaton Centre and Hudson's Bay. The bridge is lit up blue and it is nighttime.

Deep dive into the Retail Management program

In the first part of my interview series with Adriana, she told me about Ryerson’s unique Retail Management program, why she applied and how the program has adapted to online learning. If you want to learn more about Retail Management classes, career options and a piece of advice from a fourth-year student, keep on reading! […]
An image of Adriana Martinez

Retail Management overview from a fourth-year student

Did you know that Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management has 13 undergraduate programs? That’s so many programs! As someone who watches a lot of Dragon’s Den, I can appreciate all types of businesses. Also an avid shopper, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn about the Retail Management program from a fourth-year student […]

What I Eat In A Day – Online School Edition

Hello beautiful people of the Internet, Now that the school year is over, one big change I experienced was figuring out my eating schedule. Last year on campus, I often found myself eating at the Eaton Center or at the various different options we have around campus, or having the quick sandwich I made myself […]
Ryerson student getting work done at the Student Learning Centre

Must-have apps and Chrome extensions for every university student

Being a first-year student can be scary, exciting and a bit overwhelming. This might mean you don’t have the time to find all the “shortcuts” to make your life easier. That is why I’m here to share a few things that I discovered that have helped my semester run smoothly.  Ryerson mobile  Once becoming a […]

7 Toronto Local Food Gems

Toronto is known for being a multicultural city, and naturally, this means we have an abundance of local food businesses that specialize in cuisines from all over the world. The last year has not been the easiest on small businesses, which is why I try to order from local businesses that truly feel the impact […]

5 Recommended lower level liberal studies courses

“What are some good liberal studies courses?” I get this question from incoming students all the time.  If you aren’t aware, Ryerson students from all programs must complete liberal studies as part of the requirements for graduation. They are meant to broaden your horizons and give you an opportunity to pursue interests outside of your […]

Feeling like taking a trip to London, England? Well, you’re in luck! At Ryerson, there are multiple global experiences that you have access to. Whether that be spending a semester abroad, going on a one-month experiential learning trip or collaborating with students across the globe right from the comfort of your home. Back in March, […]

Hello beautiful people of the Internet, One big question that I had when starting university –– and I know many students also have –– is how do minors work? After doing a lot of research and experiencing the process myself, I decided to make a vlog answering all your questions and discussing all things minors! […]

I’ve been living on my own in an apartment in downtown Toronto with two of my friends for about eight months now. Therefore, I’ve been feeding myself for about eight months and let me tell you, it’s a bit of a challenge. Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay.  When I was in my first year of Ryerson’s […]