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The Language and Intercultural Relations program: what’s it all about?

A little about me My name is Erica Williams and I am from Barrie, Ontario. I just finished my first year at Ryerson University in the Language and Intercultural Relations (LIR) program. During my this past year I lived in the International Living/Learning Centre residence building. What is the Language and Intercultural Relations program? This […]

An Interview with Fifth Year Hospitality and Tourism Student: Tharshika Jeyaraj

It’s time for another interview with my good friend Tharshika Jeyaraj who is a fellow Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) student. She is a fifth-year student in the Hospitality and Tourism program and she has had a unique university experience that she is pleased to share with you all (spoiler: she went to the arctic for a […]

Why I Chose Ryerson

Hey everyone, if you’ve been following my content for some time now then you know that I have quite the affinity to the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC). There’s a good reason for that and it ties in quite well with my journey of coming to Ryerson. I thought it was time I share with all of […]

Kiana Jamal – Fashionista and Retail Enthusiast I’m Kiana Jamal and I just completed my final year of the Retail Management Program. I chose to pursue this program because every facet of the retail industry fascinates me, and I feel privileged to immerse myself in an industry that is undergoing such rapid and dynamic changes. […]

Wondering what the contents of a journalism student’s backpack look like? Curious about what you should stock up on before school starts? Mercedes has unpacked her bag to show you a few journalism student essentials.