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How I use music to stay grounded

The last year has been interesting, to say the least. I’ve had to adjust to online school, cancel vacation plans and get used to being indoors for extended periods. But one thing that’s helped me power through these challenging and uncertain times is music.  Not only is music a powerful mood booster, but it can […]

What my last co-op at a social media ad agency was like

This is it folks! After five years, I’ve completed my fourth and final co-op placement and my Marketing Management Co-op degree. This past semester I worked as an account coordinator at AdParlor. AdParlor works with a variety of different companies across the globe and focuses specifically on social media ads. This includes paid ads on […]
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Confessions of a transfer student

Hi folks! It’s your friendly neighbourhood student ambassador, back with another blog! As you may already know, I’m a transfer student, which means I was previously enrolled at a different university before attending Ryerson. Everyone has a different reason for transferring, and mine simply is I wasn’t happy with where I was.  Let’s talk about […]
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A latte ways to stay awake

As a university student, say “hello” to pulling an occasional all-nighter and during exam season, staying up longer than normal. As I write this, I approach exam season, which means I am super close to finishing my first year of university. Now is not the time to celebrate since I still have to make it […]
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How to find an apartment in downtown Toronto

When I first decided to go to Ryerson for their Creative Industries program I was SO excited about living in downtown Toronto. However, finding a place to live in the city also seemed like a daunting task. Luckily, I lived in residence for my first year, so I didn’t have to worry about that for […]

1 year later: 6 things I’ve learned from online learning

March 13, 2020: Ryerson classes transition to an online format in response to the pandemic. At the time, I didn’t even consider that I wouldn’t be returning to campus in the fall. But more than one year later and here we are—still attending classes virtually.  Plans for next fall are currently unclear with Ryerson set […]

How to manage a full course load

Going from four courses each semester in high school to five, six or even seven in university can be quite a jarring experience. While it may initially seem like an impossible task, it can be done by implementing the right strategies.  As an engineering student, it’s kind of a known fact that we have heavy […]

How to mentally prepare for university

You may have decided Ryerson is the school for you, but have you truly mentally prepared for university? The transition from high school to university is probably one of the largest transitions you will have during your lifetime, and it’s important to prepare your mind for this experience. Here are some tips to get your […]
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Meet Nishka, your summer student ambassador!

Hey folks! My name is Nishka Gupta and I will be taking on the role of student ambassador this summer. I’ll be focused on giving you the inside scoop on EVERYTHING Ryerson through creating digital content for all of WhyRyerson’s platforms.   What is my program? First off, I am a Biomedical Sciences major and […]

Choosing which university to go to is a HUGE and intimidating decision. I had been asked about my university intentions by curious family members since I was in grade 10. I always said that I would probably go to university in my hometown of Ottawa for a journalism program. Eventually, I decided on Ryerson for […]

Every time I smell coffee my heart skips a beat in excitement. I feel like every student has some sort of fuel to get them through exam season, and for me it is coffee. I’ve been so accustomed to drinking coffee that it doesn’t give me an energy kick but rather helps me feel ready […]

Starting university is an exciting chapter to begin, I vividly remember feeling excited and nervous when applying to Ryerson. I can still recall my decision, which I do not regret, to accept my offer at 10:30 p.m. before going to sleep. It was random, and I woke up the next morning telling my family that […]