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An Interview With Fourth Year Retail Management Student: Hartley McCallum

I first met Hartley McCallum working on campus at the Ryerson Student Learning Centre during my third year of university. We instantly bonded due to our similar programs and living situations as we happened to live in the same building. Hartley is a well-rounded fourth year Retail Management (B.Comm) student, and I had the pleasure […]

We’re hiring!

Are you looking to further develop your skills in digital marketing? The Office of the Registrar’s (RO) Communications team is looking to hire student staff for summer 2020 and the fall 2020/winter 2021 school year. Our digital marketing assistants play an important role in sharing the student experience with prospective undergraduate students and applicants, and […]

Journalism vs. RTA: Media Production

Hello, hello! Bren and Mercedes here. Today, we’re bringing you the answer to a difficult question (dun, dun, duh!). If you’re driven to create and passionate about media, you’re probably asking yourself, “should I choose Journalism or RTA: Media Production?” Since Bren is a first-year Media Production student and Mercedes is a second-year Journalism student, […]

The Ted Rogers School of Management has 12 incredible Co-op programs – one for each major/program. I’m currently enrolled in the Global Management Co-op program and have just completed two four-month terms, and let me tell you – they have been the most exhilarating eight months of my life.   First half of my Co-op […]

I’m a little late, but it’s 2020! The biggest decade of my life as a GenZ is behind me–ten years of public education, puberty, heartbreak, friendship, drama, and Fall Out Boy. Although I’ll miss my teen years, I’m happy to say that entering my 20s feels a lot nicer. I’m not one to jump on […]

Having a nice dinner with your special someone is a perfectly acceptable way to spend Valentine’s Day, but let’s face it, some of us could use something a little more fun. Luckily there’s never a shortage of things to do in Toronto and today, I’ve rounded up a few date ideas guaranteed to make this […]