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If Friends Characters Were Ryerson Students

Imagine this: you’re sitting in Balzac’s on the Ryerson campus and a group of six friends walk in and go to the table that… always seems to be empty for them? They talk loudly about their day, love lives and something about a break. This isn’t the first time you’ve seen them—they’re here all the […]

Ways to Connect Online

2020 marks the year that many of us are stuck at home. We may be living in what can feel like a very weird world at times, but 2020 also marks the year some of you have graduated from high school and are moving into university! Or perhaps you’re joining us as a transfer student […]

Transfer Student Q&A

As a transfer student, I got asked a lot of questions about my journey and the transfer student experience. I thought I would share some frequently asked questions for anyone considering transferring to Ryerson.  Q: Why did you decide to transfer to Ryerson?  A: I decided to transfer to Ryerson because I wanted to complete […]

Workspaces for Working From Home

Hello, hello WhyRyerson readers, you may have seen articles, read emails or heard from your friends that our 2020 fall semester will take place primarily online. This probably comes as a bummer to most of you, I know it does for me… even though at first I thought school online was a dream come true. […]

How to Deal with Uncertainty

As a student I have been through a lot of phases of uncertainty. During my graduating year of college my professors went on the longest strike in Ontario college history, and during my graduating year of university the world faced a pandemic. Although my situations are anomalies, you will still likely face times of uncertainty […]
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5 Businesses That Came From Ryerson

Being in the heart of downtown Toronto can spark creativity for art, music, and business ideas. Ryerson University is home to 10 zones that allow entrepreneurs and inventors to develop businesses for their ideas through mentorship, networking, and funding. Each of these zones focuses on a different industry, allowing for just about any idea to […]

How to Celebrate Your Graduation From Home

Graduating from high school is a huge milestone in every student’s life. With our schools and personal lives consumed with COVID-19, many of the events that you may have been anticipating are being postponed or even cancelled. I understand how hard it must be to grieve the loss of these celebrations while being sympathetic to […]
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Introducing Me Isn’t Just a Camp Rock Song Title

Hello WhyRyerson readers! I’m Anna, an RTA School of Media student going into her fourth year of Media Production. I hope you’re all staying healthy, both mentally and physically, and are finding the small joys of staying at home 24/7. As introverted as I am, I still want to get outside and see people, so […]

This blog is focused on the Criminology program as I interviewed one of my closest friends that I happened to meet during my first year in Ryerson residence. Victoria Watt just completed her fourth-year in the Criminology program, and she had the opportunity to go on exchange to England during her third year. Read on […]

When I was starting university, I was excited about all the different courses I was able to take compared to high school. When people say that universities have a class for just about everything, they weren’t lying. It can be overwhelming deciding which courses to take because of all the options available. Most programs have […]

Myth 1: it’s harder to get accepted as an international applicant Fact: it’s not if you plan and prepare correctly! It’s essential as international students to start looking at different universities and their requirements based on the country/education system of your high school as soon as you know what you want to study in your post-secondary […]