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Hey everybody! I hope you are all enjoying the last bits of autumn, as it seems winter is fast approaching!

As the winter season quickly approaches, students’ schedules start to become increasingly hectic. This can be especially daunting for first year Ryerson students. With heavier workloads comes many essays. Essays can be difficult for any student, whether you’re in high school or university. Potential Ryersonians should know that Ryerson wants to help everyone succeed. At Ryerson University, there are many different outlets that cater to students’ needs, including essay and writing assignment help. One such outlet is the Writing Centre, located in the main level of the library. The Writing Centre aims to help students during the writing process of whatever writing assignment they may have. The Writing Centre pairs up a student with a tutor one-on-one, to help in the writing process. The goal is to discuss what the student is writing about and how they are going about it. The tutor is there to guide the student in the right direction to complete their assignment to the best of their abilitiy.

Many professors at Ryerson will suggest that students visit the Writing Centre, as essay writing can differ from high school to university. The Writing Centre now also offers help for specific assignments, such as science- and math-related writing assignments. No matter the class or the assignment, taking a visit to the Writing Centre will only increase your chances of bettering your grade, and will help with the transition into university level writing.

Until next time, cheers!

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