Winter 2015 - A Biomedical Engineering Student's Semester


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I recently discovered a fantastic sci-fi TV series called ‘Almost Human.’ It’s a cop drama with a futuristic twist and, as a biomedical engineering student, I can’t help but geek out at some of the awesome tech they’ve featured so far. This article’s cover animation showcases Dorian, a law enforcement robot (the series refers to them as “Synthetics”) of the DRN-0167 android series, playing around with some holographic police records.

Today’s post is all about the courses I’m taking this semester – I’ll be giving you a brief description of each in addition to an (appropriate) GIF file. By the way, did you know that GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format? Yay for GIFs!


EES604 – Electronics and Sensors


Circuits, circuits, circuits! This course is all about input-output relationships, the response of linear electrical systems, operational amplifier circuits, transistors, transducers, and sensors. It has a weekly 2-hour lab component where we get to build circuit systems and apply the theory that is taught in class. I think this is about as core to engineering as it gets.



CEN800 – Law and Ethics in Engineering Practice


Tort liability, business contract law, intellectual and industrial property, the principles of arbitration, and the ethical practices of engineering are some of the topics of interest in CEN800. My favorite part of this course is the fact that the lecturers rotate – we get established lawyers, professional engineers, and even some lawyers who are ALSO engineers come in to give lectures. The sample legal cases that are discussed in class are really interesting and help future engineers understand the Canadian justice system.



EES612 – Electric Machines and Actuators


Electromagnetism, the applications of single-phase transformers, AC and DC motor characteristics, and power amplifiers are covered in Electric Machines and Actuators. This course has a two-hour lab or tutorial session (depending on the week) that helps apply the concepts taught in lectures. I would say that this is also an extremely important and core course for Biomedical and Electrical engineers.



ENG503 – Science Fiction


My liberal for the Winter 2015 semester, ENG503 is a superbly interesting course. What’s not to love about analyzing classic H. G. Wells novels like ‘The Time Machine’ and watching movies such as the 1951 rendition of ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’? Cyberpunk, anime, romanticized science fiction, and other sub-genres are discussed in the course and it’s a class that I always look forward to attending.



MTH410 – Statistics


Numerical data, elements of probability theory, hypergeometric, binomial, geometric and Poisson distributions, and simple linear regression are some of the topics covered in MTH410. This course is all about logic! In fact, you can test yourself and apply the knowledge from this course by asking questions like “If there are 30 people on this bus and 12 stops in total, assuming that each person is as likely to get off at one stop than another, what is the probability that 3 people will get off at once?”



PCS400 – Quantum Physics I


The little animation at the top there is supposed to represent an electron and its probability distribution in 2-dimensional space. Quantum Physics I is one of the courses that I am taking to complete my minor in Physics. It covers concepts like the Schrödinger Equation in one dimension, the quantization of energy, and Heisenberg’s uncertainty relations. More importantly, this course may be the one to debunk the age-old question – did Schrödinger really have a cat?


Six courses is quite a lot of work, but they’re all extremely interesting and sometimes even overlap slightly in terms of material. I’m really excited by the things that I will be able to create once I can apply of this knowledge!


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