My Week In Pictures – Snapchat Edition

Hey guys, Happy New Year!

It’s a new semester and things are starting to pick up fast. I’ve been working on some really neat engineering side-projects and my managing my own business, but more on that later. After taking the reins of the Ryerson Admissions Snapchat account a couple of months ago, I got absolutely hooked on the social network. The ability to add snappy captions and, more importantly, DRAW on your images was what I find really attractive about the service.

Below you’ll find Snaps from the week of January 11th and I have taken the liberty to add some more context to each image.



Reading up on my favorite magazine, Popular Science, when I found an interesting article…





I was pulling out some holiday décor and found this beauty stashed away. Almost a shame to light the candle, almost.





After a long day of school, I decided to bake some cookies.





In Quantum Mechanics, it sometimes feels like philosophy and physics are beginning to converge. But more importantly, did Schrödinger really have a cat?





Strolling through the Metro near campus when I stumbled across these.





You can almost feel the electricity in the air.





My attempt at various circuit configurations for my Electronics and Sensors course. It’s a work in progress.




What type of content are you guys interested in seeing more of? Let me know down in the comment section below. Good luck this semester and I hope you can successfully carry through with your New Year resolutions! Until next time,


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