Video - Speed Sketch of Superman by Toronto Artist Eric Kim


The great thing about Ryerson University is that there is always an awesome event or two happening in the vicinity. Today’s post entails a speed sketch of Superman by Toronto artist Eric Kim at Comic Con 2014. The event itself took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, just a short walk from campus. Check out the sweet speedsketch video, to the tune of Hans Zimmer’s Look To The Stars track from Man of Steel, below!

I was very impressed by Mr. Kim’s work and decided to pick up two of his works.


The first one, The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare As Adapted By Eric Kim, is a compilation of comic strips that put a humorous spin on Shakespeare’s work. King Lear, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, and more are all presented in a quirky manner, while staying true to the plays themselves.


The second one, Nitro Battlers follows “Nitro Battler Red” as he struggles with a mid-life crisis as the other Nitro Battlers of the spectrum have abandoned the cause to fight for good. It is very reminiscent of Power Rangers (who didn’t watch that show when they were little?!?), and is really funny as well!


A huge shoutout to Eric Kim for his great work! Until next time, keep it here at Why Ryerson!


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