This Is Our House Now!

As another year begins at Ryerson, new changes are coming. One of them being myself! Hi, I thought I’d make an introduction before getting into the BIG change Ryerson has in stored for us. My name is Hao, I am a new member of the Ryerson Student Ambassador team for the 2012-2013 year. I am a third year student in the Business Management program under the faculty of Ted Rogers School of Management. I am specializing in Global Management and Marketing, and apart from my academics, I am also heavily involved with student campus life.

Now to get to the big change Ryerson has for us this year, the new athletic centre that has recently opened. The Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC), formerly known as the Maple Leaf Gardens.

This iconic building has now transformed into one of Ryerson University’s new properties. Once the house of the Toronto hockey team the Maple Leafs, now becomes the building for Ryerson students and the community to use as a workout space.

I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Mattamy Athletic Centre Skate Event for the donors, and it really gave me an insight into the amount of history and connection this building really has on people. Everyone was so excited that it reopened, and wanted to see exactly how Ryerson transformed this historic building into something new.

The building itself has now become three floors. The first floor is the lobby, filled with pictures of Ryerson’s athletes and a sign that reads “THIS IS OUR HOUSE NOW”. As part of Ryerson University’s mantra, we are definitely leaving our mark at the Maple Leaf Gardens.

The second floor is where the workout gym is located. It has brand new equipment, more free weights, and definitely more space. There will even be classes held here now for those who wish to do workouts in large groups with an instructor. Along with that, next to the fitness gym is a basketball/volleyball court, named the Coca Cola Court. Here you find our Ryerson basketball and volleyball teams play their games. It is really well designed with glass windows where you can see into the court from the outside, and an observation area from atop.

Lastly, the third floor holds the magnificent ice rink, a space that holds over 2600 people. Ryerson and the community can now come to the MAC and watch our hockey team play during their game season. There are even lounges at the top level surrounding the rink. For those of you who wish to leave your mark at the MAC literally, you can also purchase a seat and have your name on it!

I am so excited that Ryerson has taken such a big step by turning this building into one of our own properties. It makes me proud to be a Ryersonian, knowing I was a part of an event that can be marked down in history.

Have you visited the Mattamy Athletic Centre yet? Let me know what you think!

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