The Downtown Campus: A Student’s Paradise

Greetings all, my name is Dillon, a second year journalism student hailing from the good and fabulous Hamilton, Ontario. Interests are traveling, rock climbing, reading, and music of all kinds. My aspirations are within the realm of writing about new media, be it music, video games, or travel. I’ve lived in residence in my first year, and loved it so much that here I am now, living in residence yet again. Needless to say I love this school and my program, especially the campus.

Lately, as I have been wandering around the campus during orientation week and the first weeks of classes, I’ve seen first year students slowly become accustomed to their surroundings. Seeing the streets so crowded, full of life and energy has made me come to a realization that Ryerson has a campus unlike any other, and it most definitely has an air of a tightness that brings everyone within its boundaries closer.

Its location is like a dream. The campus feels like a cozy pocket within a galaxy of neon lights and high-rise buildings. In here, it is a world uniquely inhabited by you – students. In the morning, between classes, or on the weekend, a feel that is undeniably Ryerson is there. Right when you pass the giant potted plants people sit at the patio tables overlooking a shining Lake Devo, studying, gossiping, drinking their coffee fetched from a Tim Horton’s or Balzac’s a mere minute walk away. You see stands lined up giving away free swag. Red Bull and monster trucks likewise, and farmers’ markets, all crammed together on the same street – Gould Street, the road exclusively owned by Ryerson closed off to outside traffic.

That’s what makes this campus so great, the accessibility. Everything is within reach to everyone, no matter what building you’re coming from or going to. What’s more, living at the heart of the downtown area makes Dundas Square your very own playground! No other campus is like Ryerson. It is both a part of the city and a unique community at the same time. The campus grows with the city and vice versa.

It is strange melding over the fact that your dream job is a mere 15 minutes away and you’re staring right at it from the window of the library building. You are so close yet so far. It’s almost inspiring. There are so many ways that make a good campus. I feel Ryerson has it all and then some!

What is it that you look for in a campus?

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