Navigation and the City: Liberty Village

Getting lost can be really frustrating, especially when you’re trying to find your destination all by yourself.  However, for me, getting lost in Toronto always creates a fun adventure, and allows me to discover new neighbourhoods and areas, and take nice pictures.  The other day, I had to visit a company for a class assignment, and when […]

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The Ryerson Athletic Centre and Free Demo Classes

It’s that time of year again! During the first week of the fall and winter semesters, the Ryerson Athletic Center has an amazing opportunity available for all students: the chance to try any of the 48 classes for free! While a gym membership to the RAC is included for students in their tuition fees, the […]

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Ryerson News: January 12-16

This week all of our students returned to campus. With tons of fun Winter Week of Welcome activities and events happening, the new semester is now in full swing. With this, many great news stories popped up all over campus. Read about them below! A ride of a lifetime Ryerson Today – News & Events […]

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Why Winter Break Is Better Than Summer

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, how can a month off compare to four months off?! Well listen up kids, this is about to change your life. I too once thought a four month summer would be the best thing I’d ever experience in my whole lifetime, when in fact, it’s surprisingly not all it’s […]

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A Commuter’s Guide to Surviving Winter

Keep an eye on the weather reports If you have class all day, chances are the temperatures and even the amount of precipitation will change as the day progresses.  Make sure you’re aware of the weather for each day so you can be prepared, and know when you should bring an umbrella, or wear your […]

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My Favourite Things about Ryerson in the Fall

Many people can agree that fall is a great season, and I’m sure for most university students, attending football games, going to Homecoming, and walking to class through a private campus filled with lots of grass and trees are among the reasons why.  But for us city uni kids, fall is just a little bit […]

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Video – Ryerson Engineering Students Push VW Buggy For SickKids Foundation

Ryerson Engineering students manually pushed a vintage Volkswagen Bug, through horrid weather mind you, around campus for 24 hours starting on Wednesday March 12. The annual tradition raises funds for The Hospital for Sick Children and is one of the highlights of National Engineering Month at Ryerson University. Students were invited to help the Ryerson […]

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Frosty Chronicles: The Snowman Mission

Hello readers and happy 2014! I hope that this year will be a joyous and prosperous one for us all, and that we sustain the willpower to carry out our resolutions for 2014. One of my personal resolutions this year was to finally build a snowman – that’s right, I’ve never actually built a snowman […]

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