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Saying Goodbye To Sheldon

Earlier this week, Shay and Mady attended the Sheldon Levy Farewell Ceremony. Sheldon has been the President and Vice-Chancellor of Ryerson for the past decade and a half. His time here has been so important, and he’s definitely touched the lives of a lot of students (us included!). Sheldon is largely responsible for the Mattamy Athletic Centre […]

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November Updates

We can’t believe it’s already November! It’s a busy time of year for students on campus, and here in Admissions the application have started rolling in. This month’s update has the important information you need to get your application started. Thank you for joining us here on WhyRyerson! Happy reading, Ryerson Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment   Narrowing Down Your Program […]

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Shay’s Declassified Rye Survival Guide: Pt. 2 – Time Management

Time Management. It’s really an art form. This year I became the master of managing my time. It’s something you really need to get the hang of, especially when you start having many commitments above your classes and usual work load. Below I’ve listed 5 tips and tricks to help you better manage your time […]

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Shay with his 'bae'

Meet Shay!

Hey! I’m Shay. I’m also one of your WhyRyerson Bloggers / Snapchatters / Tweeters / Instagram..ers? This post is my first official introduction to all of you, although you may have seen me before this past weekend when we were covering the Ontario Universities Fair (or as we know it, OUF). I’m a second year […]

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