The Everyday Sights of a Ryerson Student

I tend to take a lot of photos during my commute and strolls around campus, so I thought I’d share some of my personal pics with you.  Hopefully they will give you a taste of what you’d likely be seeing on a daily basis once you accept your offer to Ryerson.   Yonge-Dundas Square    As Ryerson […]

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The 3 Best Types of Music to Listen to While You Study

With midterms approaching, the familiar exhaustion of long study sessions once again sets in as we’re all busy trying to finish a million things at once while preparing for upcoming exams. There’s tons of strategies you can use you make your studying experience more enjoyable, but the most important thing you can do is put […]

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Childhood Nostalgia – My First MTCC Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

The ambient buzz that filled the convention hall simmered down as the announcer signaled the commencement of the event. People of all ages took their seats and pulled out little boxes filled with cards. As some laid out colorful mats on top of their tables, invigilators went around the room and collected little pieces of paper […]

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Must-Have “School Supplies” in Uni

Headphones  As a student with a 90 minute commute (and longer on some days), my headphones are so crucial in helping me to relax as I listen to my iPod on the way to school, and allowing me to watch YouTube videos during breaks between class.  They are also important in certain courses in the Faculty […]

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The Ryerson Athletic Centre and Free Demo Classes

It’s that time of year again! During the first week of the fall and winter semesters, the Ryerson Athletic Center has an amazing opportunity available for all students: the chance to try any of the 48 classes for free! While a gym membership to the RAC is included for students in their tuition fees, the […]

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Five Reasons Why Second Semester Can Be Better Than The First

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Winter break was extremely relaxing and much needed after a hectic semester, but I must admit that I’m glad to be back downtown, on campus, and with my friends for the new year and new semester.  Second semester is obviously important, but now that I think about it, it may be a bit […]

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A Commuter’s Guide to Surviving Winter

Keep an eye on the weather reports If you have class all day, chances are the temperatures and even the amount of precipitation will change as the day progresses.  Make sure you’re aware of the weather for each day so you can be prepared, and know when you should bring an umbrella, or wear your […]

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The 3 Pillars of Off-Campus Living

It’s been two months since I moved into my student house, leaving behind the comfort of residence, and experiencing a whole new type of downtown living! I couldn’t be happier with my situation, which took months and months of searching and coordinating with my roommates until we finally settled on the right place.  Trying to […]

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FAQs About University and First Year: One Student’s Point of View

I had the absolute BEST time working at the Ontario Universities’ Fair a few weeks ago.  I got to brag about Ryerson for eight hours straight every day, speak to prospective students, and answer questions about different faculties and programs.  Throughout the weekend, I noticed that no matter who I was talking to, the same […]

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