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How to Deal With University Stress

When you first take the leap from high school to university, there’s going to be a million new and exciting opportunities, adventures, and challenges coming your way all at once, which usually leads to feeling overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to focusing on the most important aspect of university: academics. You’ve most likely experienced […]

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11 Apps to Improve Your Life as a Student

Staying on top of your work, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy, all while finding the time to socialize and unwind can be a tough balancing act in university. You’ll have a bunch of different responsibilities on your plate at once, and it can definitely get stressful at times. But good news! There are amazing […]

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Creative Collaboration: 3 Important Things to Remember When Working in a Group

Since switching to RTA this year, I’ve had plenty more opportunities to work on creative group projects, and while they’re typically a wonderful experience of collaboration and friendship, there’s no doubt that certain challenges can arise when different types of people have to work together to accomplish a goal; especially when it comes to creative […]

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The 3 Best Types of Music to Listen to While You Study

With midterms approaching, the familiar exhaustion of long study sessions once again sets in as we’re all busy trying to finish a million things at once while preparing for upcoming exams. There’s tons of strategies you can use you make your studying experience more enjoyable, but the most important thing you can do is put […]

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The Ryerson Athletic Centre and Free Demo Classes

It’s that time of year again! During the first week of the fall and winter semesters, the Ryerson Athletic Center has an amazing opportunity available for all students: the chance to try any of the 48 classes for free! While a gym membership to the RAC is included for students in their tuition fees, the […]

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What I’ve Learned So Far in Uni

I still hate studying  It’s currently 6:18 pm. Ask me how much studying I wanted to get done today, versus the amount I actually got done. Let’s just say the whole concept of studying makes me a very very sad girl. Just because a course is a “lab” instead of a “lecture”, doesn’t mean it is […]

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5 Good Things About Exam Time

We all know exam time can be a stressful and hectic week or two. You barely get enough sleep and time to relax while you’re busy reviewing material and preparing as best you can. So, to help get you through this semester’s winter exams, here’s a few often forgotten positive aspects of braving exam time […]

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4 Sure Tips for having a Productive Weekend

Ok, I know.  “Assignment” and “studying” should never be in the same sentence as “weekend”.  But unfortunately, sometimes we all need to turn down our various social invitations, to buckle down and catch up on schoolwork.  Even if you’re stuck at home all weekend, it can still be hard to stay productive.  Here are some […]

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What to do During Breaks Between Classes

When you enter post-secondary education, gone are the days when you and your friends have the same classes, and your entire grade has a collective lunch period to eat and converse.  No, in university, you may have a 1-4 hour break between some of your classes that you have to figure out how to fill […]

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Introducing Myself!

Hi there! Welcome! My name is Tessa and I’ll be blogging here all year long to bring you a special inside look into the life of a Ryerson student. This is my second year back as a blogger on WhyRyerson, and I can’t wait to share my new adventures with all of you! But first, […]

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