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Conquering Exam Time: A Guide to Study Spaces

  Exam season is here, and Ryerson students are packed into the library, the Student Learning Centre, Kerr Hall, the Quad, coffee shops, their residence rooms, apartments or homes for long hours at a time, hustling to prepare for the end of the semester. I’ve been known to frequent the library pretty much all the time […]

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My Favourite Study Spots

 Before you ask, yes, that cover photo is of me.  If you’re here, it means you must be interested in where I find myself studying most often. You came to the right place, because I will now tell you just where that is. There is one disclaimer though: I use the word “study” lightly as […]

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Shay’s Declassified Rye Survival Guide: Pt. 1 – Student Involvement 

Alright. In my first blog I promised I’d let all of you know what I do around Ryerson and how I got involved with them. So here it is! Welcome to part 1 of my new series that I like to call “Shay’s Declassified Rye Survival Guide”. ( If you’ve yet to read my first […]

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Preparing For The November Grind

The last month of the semester is always a hectic time of the year. Everyone will be hustling to finish readings, write papers, complete final assignments, and get into gear for exams. If you let it, it can tackle you to the ground and keep you down. But, if you prepare yourself like I’ve learned […]

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Why You Should Take The Stairs In The SLC

You’ve probably heard about the brand new Student Learning Centre, from its innovative design to the colourful study spaces, and of course it’s been extremely popular among Ryerson students since the grand opening. Every floor is basically packed to capacity during the afternoon, and it can be a challenge to get to where you need […]

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What To Expect From First Year

My first year in Media Production at Ryerson is now over, and after having completed one year in the Creative Industries program last year, I’ve been able to pick up on some critical first year experiences that you’ll encounter in year 1 of your program, as well as the typical emotions you’ll go through during the […]

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A Guide To Effective Learning

  We’ve all been there before. You feel lazy, unproductive and like you’re in a slump – the last thing you want to do is learn. Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing some of the techniques I use to get into a learning mindset or when I’m tackling a really difficult subject. I think that many of […]

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My Student Learning Centre Experience

A short while ago the highly anticipated SLC building finally opened its doors to students, giving us a long-awaited glimpse of what the building was all about. The SLC was built to provide students with much needed study and social space that was lacking on our small urban campus, and I can say that its innovative […]

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What “Spring” at Ryerson Means to Me

SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!! I’m so excited that we’ve finally (hopefully) been able to shake away the winter season, and can enjoy the springtime! At Ryerson – and university in general – spring has its distinct advantages and disadvantages, and as I experience it for the second time as a uni student, this is what spring […]

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