How to Actually Be Productive Between Classes

The best thing about class schedules in university is that you get to pick and choose between different class times to create your dream schedule. But planning the perfect schedule often requires trade-offs, like hanging around campus for a few hours’ in-between classes. I’ve had breaks as short as 1 hour, to my longest one yet at […]

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6 Places You’ll Find Ryerson Students On Campus

Earlier last week, Victoria and Shay took to our Snapchat to show you the 6 best places where students like to hangout on campus. In case you missed it, here’s the recap!   1. The Ryerson Quad! With all the nature your heart desires, the Quad is the ideal place to be all year round. Grab […]

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Image courtesy of Clifton Li via Ryerson Today

Why You Should Take The Stairs In The SLC

You’ve probably heard about the brand new Student Learning Centre, from its innovative design to the colourful study spaces, and of course it’s been extremely popular among Ryerson students since the grand opening. Every floor is basically packed to capacity during the afternoon, and it can be a challenge to get to where you need […]

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