From Paris with Love: My Exchange in France

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any struggling writer must be in want of a Parisian artist life. In my second year the universe, but perhaps more accurately Ryerson University, answered my calls and granted me the opportunity to go on exchange in my third year to the Université de Versailles, just outside of […]

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Five Things I Already Know I’ll Miss About Europe

Dessert Paninis When you think “panini”, you probably picture a small, healthy grilled sandwich. Well throw that aside and make room for the monster that is a dessert panini. We can all agree baguettes are delicious right? Well the Europeans have a habit of making paninis out of a FULL LENGTH ONE. Now picture this […]

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Cycling: The Best Way to Travel (but Only in the Netherlands)

The Netherlands isn’t really known for much. There’s no real famous export product, or food, or world star (save a few DJs and soccer players) that everyone knows and loves. I think it’s because the real gem of the Netherlands has to be experienced right here in the country: cycling. The country had adopted cycling […]

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Orientation Week – International Style

This week I participated in my fourth orientation week as a university student. Spending my last few years as a leader, it was exciting to be back as a froshie, or children, as we were called here. It was a wild week filled with awesome activities that let us all meet people from around the […]

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Discovering Belgium and a Whole Lot More

While preparing for my semester abroad, I spoke with many students who had gone before me about what to expect. And while each person had different advice, they all stressed one thing: to take advantage of how small Europe is (it takes less time to go from France to the Netherlands than Toronto to Montreal) […]

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Adventures in a French Farmer’s Market

Every so often there’s a Farmer’s Market held on Gould Street. It’s always a casual affair – merchants set up small stands to sell fresh (sometimes organic!) fruits, veggies, baked goods, meats and more. People relax by Lake Devo as others stroll down Gould, trying samples and picking up some food that helps a local […]

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