RSU Services You Forgot About

During Orientation Week were all bombarded with flyers and coupons that we hardly have the time to read through them all. Even if you did have to the time to read a few the chances are that you’ve probably forgotten what most of them said. So take advantage of all these awesome (and free!!) services the […]

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Guest Blog: What I Wish I Knew About Career Stuff In My First Year

  Ryerson student, Osei Poku, shares his thoughts on the Ryerson Career Centre.  When you think about it, the first year of university can feel a lot like The Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter : Or like young Simba going through the hyena’s habitat back in The Lion King: Or even those times as a […]

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10 Gifs That Perfectly Describe the Life of an AL

So this year I’m taking on a new role, not only am I second year student, but I’m now also a student staff member in Residence! I work as an Academic Link (AL) for Graphic Communications Management students and Creative Industries students! As an AL, I provide academic support for students in my section in […]

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Writing Help at Ryerson

Hey everybody! I hope you are all enjoying the last bits of autumn, as it seems winter is fast approaching! As the winter season quickly approaches, students’ schedules start to become increasingly hectic. This can be especially daunting for first year Ryerson students. With heavier workloads comes many essays. Essays can be difficult for any […]

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