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5 Tricks to Help You Nail Your University Essay

Essays in University are significantly different compared to high school, there’s no denying it. While I’m only in my second year at Ryerson, I’ve already written loads of papers and have been able to pick up on a few essential steps to producing a successful essay. So listen up, because these are often things we […]

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4 Steps To Choosing The Right Electives

This year I’m taking my 4th and 5th electives at Ryerson, and I can honestly say they’ve improved my university experience in a HUGE way. Ryerson has tons and tons of interesting electives to choose from, and picking 2 electives that are right for you in your first year of university can be a challenge. […]

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Greatest Moments From First Year

Wow. It’s hard to believe how quickly my first year of university flew by! It’s been an eventful 8 months to say the least. I’m starting to get sad just thinking about leaving Ryerson and all the friends I’ve made in rez and in classes. After having this whole new experience, I can definitely say […]

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Five Things I Already Know I’ll Miss About Europe

Dessert Paninis When you think “panini”, you probably picture a small, healthy grilled sandwich. Well throw that aside and make room for the monster that is a dessert panini. We can all agree baguettes are delicious right? Well the Europeans have a habit of making paninis out of a FULL LENGTH ONE. Now picture this […]

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The 8 Do’s and Don’ts of University Life

DO start your readings right away. They pile up way too quickly after the first week and catching up can be brutal. DON’T assume your first and second year marks don’t count. Cumulative GPA’s of your whole 4 years are looked at during applications for many masters, law schools, and MBA’s. It’s much easier trying […]

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Baby Steps – A Look Back At First Year

Congratulations students, you have successfully made it through the first month of the 2013-2014 academic year! For the newer members of our “Ramily” (freshmen, I’m looking at YOU!), university is a dynamic new experience and a wake-up call like no other. I’ve listened to a wide spectrum of first year narratives, from nightmare stories to […]

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