Ryerson’s Vision Media Conference

Vision seemed to have almost appeared out of thin air this year. With only whispers of a media conference coming to Ryerson this winter, back in September 2016, many students weren’t sure what to expect from the RTA production. However, after attending this 1-day event this past weekend, I can tell you what an amazing […]

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Introducing Ryerson Lens: Winter Break

We are excited to introduce Ryerson Lens, a new photo series by yours truly, Hannah Polinski and Karishma Karia! We will be gathering snapshots of the Ryerson student body for you to get a glimpse into their unique lives. Through photos and short interviews, we will be exploring what it’s like to be a student […]

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8 Emojis that PERFECTLY describe my First Year at Ryerson

  If you have us on Snapchat (@WhyRyerson), then you already know we are ALL about that emoji life. That’s why I decided to pinpoint 8 of the most accurate emojis which describe my first year. Boy.. was that a challenge! 1. The Snowflake This one was inspired by those cold Toronto winters. Coming from […]

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Shay with his 'bae'

Meet Shay!

Hey! I’m Shay. I’m also one of your WhyRyerson Bloggers / Snapchatters / Tweeters / Instagram..ers? This post is my first official introduction to all of you, although you may have seen me before this past weekend when we were covering the Ontario Universities Fair (or as we know it, OUF). I’m a second year […]

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Tessa: Introducing Myself!

Hi everyone! My name is Tessa and I’ll be one of your Why Ryerson bloggers this year, bringing you into my world and sharing my experience of being a Ryerson Student! I’d like to first introduce myself and let you know what type of content you can expect from me this year. As a returning […]

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blog poster

FCAD and The Key Differences Between Creative Industries and Media Production

A lot of students interested in Creative Industries and RTA Media Production have asked me why I chose to switch programs and how these two similarly creative programs are different from one another. By interacting with many high school students and even students at Ryerson, I’ve realized there’s actually a popular misconception about the relationship […]

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