Programming 101 – Logic Structures

Hey guys! Last time on Programming 101 we took a look at the very basic structure of a C++ program. Preprocessor directives, libraries, and classes were also briefly discussed. I recommend reading that post first, right over here, as it will help provide more context to today’s discussion. Alright then! I’ll try to cover as […]

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Winter 2015 – A Biomedical Engineering Student’s Semester

Hey crew! I recently discovered a fantastic sci-fi TV series called ‘Almost Human.’ It’s a cop drama with a futuristic twist and, as a biomedical engineering student, I can’t help but geek out at some of the awesome tech they’ve featured so far. This article’s cover animation showcases Dorian, a law enforcement robot (the series refers to […]

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Physics

Anything that doesn’t matter has no mass. Hey guys! Today I will be giving you a glimpse inside my favourite course this semester – Modern Physics! While I am enrolled as a Biomedical Engineering student, I have decided to pursue a Minor in Physics. Some of the courses that can be put towards the completion of […]

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Programming 101 – Your First Program

Hey there! Last time on Programming 101 we took a look at some of the concepts and lingo behind programming. If you haven’t read the first installment, you can check it out here. Today’s mini-lecture will cover less abstract terms, and I’ll be guiding you as you build your first program! For the purposes of […]

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