Cookbooks for Undergrads

The frosh fifteen is no myth. Now that the fall semester is wrapping up, you’re probably just as concerned with the numbers on your bathroom scale as you are your GPA. Being the campus in the heart of downtown Toronto unfortunately also makes Ryerson the campus within striking distance of tantalizing Big Macs, Whoppers, taquitos, […]

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Downtown Food – The Senator

Hey guys! Food, food, and more great-tasting food! Today’s post is another addition to the Downtown Food posts, a series where I discuss some of the great restaurants and cuisine that downtown Toronto has to offer. This time I’ll be sharing my experience at The Senator, which is located at 249 Victoria Street (a short […]

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What to do During Breaks Between Classes

When you enter post-secondary education, gone are the days when you and your friends have the same classes, and your entire grade has a collective lunch period to eat and converse.  No, in university, you may have a 1-4 hour break between some of your classes that you have to figure out how to fill […]

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