Robots Invade Ryerson!

Admissions Communications team member, Matt, gives you the inside scoop on the Ryerson robot invasion! — Did you know that Ryerson students starting this fall will be the class of 2020? It’s amazing how far into the twenty-first century we’ve stumbled, isn’t it? To give some perspective, Back to the Future Part II was set a […]

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Ryerson’s New High School Summer Program!

Are you interested in design, technology, science and engineering? Do you feel like you aren’t getting enough exposure to them in high school? Well, you’re certainly not alone, and Ryerson has a cool new program to combat this! V4LAB is a new and innovative summer high school program held by Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering and […]

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Oculus Rift & More – Ted Roger’s Management Conference

  Hey guys! I recently attended the annual Ted Rogers School of Management Conference with my wearable technology company team members. Our company, known as Klaptic, is all about increasing the rate of adherence of medical prescriptions – making sure that people take their medication properly and on time. This event was a fantastic opportunity […]

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FAQs About University and First Year: PART TWO

The past couple of times that I’ve been assigned to operate the RyersonUAR Snapchat account (if you haven’t added us, do itttt: RyersonUAR!), I’ve conducted a mini Q&A.  People asked me questions, and I would try my best to answer them–you know the drill.  And although I’ve chatted with individuals who have applied to different programs, many […]

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Ryerson’s Re-Engineering Fashion Competition & Workshops

Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing my experience with Ryerson’s Re-Engineering Fashion Competition and the three workshops that built up to the competition. The goal of the Re-Engineering Fashion initiative was to engage business, fashion, and engineering students with the singular goal of creating new, innovative, and useful wearable technology. Moreover, the winning team received a […]

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Ryerson News: February 16-20Province to fund accelerator for social innovation

On Monday we celebrated Family Day in Ontario. Our students have also been enjoying their Reading Week. But, as you know, there’s always something happening on campus, and here are the latest stories!   Province to fund accelerator for social innovation Will Sloan via Ryerson Today “Ryerson University will receive $500,000 from the Province […]

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Student Rube Goldberg desgins for Ryerson Engineering Competition

Turning Gears – Annual Ryerson Engineering Competition Invokes Student Creativity

Enginerds. Cranium. N00bs. As I scan these names and more on the list assembled before me, I see yet another familiar face pop up into the engineering hall. Closing my eyes, I try to brainstorm strategies for the upcoming challenge. Suddenly, the lights are dimmed and students are urged to take their seats. And so […]

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