Notes from a Fourth Year Me to a First Year Me

I just completed my final month of university, which is scary and exciting at the same time. I went from being a small-town girl, embarking upon the city with a bright-eyed idealism to a cynical broke student with no future prospects. Just kidding, Ryerson prepared me for the real world, and I’m happy to say […]

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Thinking of Graduate Studies?

Already thinking about grad studies? Admissions Communications team member and Ryerson M.A. graduate, Matt, is here to give you the inside scoop! — After 3 years of all-nighters, lukewarm Tim Hortons coffee, and haphazard TTC selfies, you’ve reached the final year of your undergrad. For some, this means pulling the least wrinkled shirt out of the closet […]

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High Park 2015

Guest Blog: International Student Experience

Danielle Lee is a proud Ryerson Bachelor of Commerce graduate who specialized in Finance as part of the Business Management program. She is also an international student from Singapore. Danielle is delighted to share her experiences as an international student here at Ryerson! I would encourage all incoming students to join in the O-week activities. From watching your first […]

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Graduate Spotlight: Matt Demers – Journalism

We sat down with Journalism grad and eSport Editor for TheScore, Matt Demers, to ask him about his Ryerson exeperience.    What do you do? Matt manages a team of freelance and in-office staff, and is responsible for editorial direction and mood of The Score.  He decides what gets published, tweeted, as well as the […]

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Ryerson News: April 13-17

Homeless to Harvard: Toronto dropout accepted to Ivy league school The Toronto Star After a life of living in shelters filled will instability, a Ryerson graduate is on her way to Harvard. Through hard work and dedication Toni Morgan is making the effort to crowdsource her tuition fees, and make her dreams come true. […]

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