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Ryerson News: February 16-20Province to fund accelerator for social innovation

On Monday we celebrated Family Day in Ontario. Our students have also been enjoying their Reading Week. But, as you know, there’s always something happening on campus, and here are the latest stories!   Province to fund accelerator for social innovation Will Sloan via Ryerson Today “Ryerson University will receive $500,000 from the Province […]

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10 Gifs That Perfectly Describe the Life of an AL

So this year I’m taking on a new role, not only am I second year student, but I’m now also a student staff member in Residence! I work as an Academic Link (AL) for Graphic Communications Management students and Creative Industries students! As an AL, I provide academic support for students in my section in […]

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My Courses!

So this semester, I have a pretty heavy courseload! Yet most of my courses are SUPER interesting and really fun! Here’s a summary of the courses that I am taking this semester at Ryerson: ACC 100 – Intro to Financial Accounting Numbers, numbers, numbers! Accounting is all about budgeting and finances. Not my most interesting […]

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AL Event – Skating at Nathan Phillips Square!

One of the nice perks about leaving in residence is having an AL (Academic Link). Your AL is there for you both academically and socially! They promote community within your academic program so you can meet fellow classmates! This past weekend my AL Jessica planned a social event to go skating at Nathan Phillips Square. […]

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Finals Are Over….Now What?

If you are reading this blog post, congratulations you made it through finals week! Over the past few weeks you may have endured many things from: this, to this, to this. BUT, now that it’s over your experiencing many emotions from: this, to this, to this. But after your celebrations you may wonder what do I do […]

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GCM students at "Pie Your Course Union" event

Course Unions!

Finding yourself lost among your peers in your course?? Look no further than your course union! Almost every course at Ryerson has their own union to unite and promote spirit among your faculty! Course unions promote school spirit in each faculty by even planning and through uniting the voices of the spirit! In GCM (Graphic […]

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Photos of Mady

Introduction: Who is Mady?

Hey guys! My name is Mady and I’m going to give you a brief introduction to who I am, because you’re going to be hearing A LOT from me on this page! Okay to start off, I am a first year Graphic Communications Management Student here at Ryerson University! By the end of my four […]

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