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What To Expect From First Year

My first year in Media Production at Ryerson is now over, and after having completed one year in the Creative Industries program last year, I’ve been able to pick up on some critical first year experiences that you’ll encounter in year 1 of your program, as well as the typical emotions you’ll go through during the […]

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My Week In Pictures – A Visual Guide To Student Life

  Heys guys! Today I’ll be continuing the “My Week In Pictures” blog series. These posts are designed to give readers a better understanding of what life as a student at Ryerson University is like. Each picture corresponds to one school day during the last week of March. Let’s get to it!   Monday Attended […]

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Downtown Food – The Burgernator

Hey guys! I’m coming at you today with another addition to my “Downtown Food” series. This series is all about fantastic cuisine and niche restaurants located in downtown Toronto. I love scouting out places to eat in downtown Toronto. That’s one of the best things about going to Ryerson – its so deeply connected to […]

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5 Reasons You Should Come to March Break Open House

Our March Break Open House is coming up on Thursday, March 19. While we already know why it’s the single greatest day of the March Break, you may be looking for some reasons to join us. Whether you’re an applicant, have been accepted, or are interested in attending Ryerson in the future this is the […]

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Navigation and the City: Liberty Village

Getting lost can be really frustrating, especially when you’re trying to find your destination all by yourself.  However, for me, getting lost in Toronto always creates a fun adventure, and allows me to discover new neighbourhoods and areas, and take nice pictures.  The other day, I had to visit a company for a class assignment, and when […]

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Must-Have “School Supplies” in Uni

Headphones  As a student with a 90 minute commute (and longer on some days), my headphones are so crucial in helping me to relax as I listen to my iPod on the way to school, and allowing me to watch YouTube videos during breaks between class.  They are also important in certain courses in the Faculty […]

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My Trip to Kensington Market!

Even though I’ve been at Ryerson for almost a year and a half, I haven’t really visited some of the more popular downtown sites; one being Kensington Market (an approx. 10 minute streetcar ride from Yonge and Dundas).  I’m also obsessed with grilled cheese.  So naturally, when I found that a gourmet grilled cheese shop […]

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Downtown Food – Seven Lives Taco

Hey guys! The great thing about being in downtown Toronto is that there is an abundance of awesome places to eat at. With that in mind, I’ve decided to start a new mini-series called “Downtown Food.” In said series, I will do a casual review of some of the most popular restaurants and eateries. A […]

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RU Student Life’s Movie Night Under the Stars

Last Thursday I spent my evening with friends, eating popcorn and a hotdog, drinking coffee, and sobbing profusely over the emotional torture weapon that is The Fault In Our Stars! Wooo! Many of you are probably like me and heard of TFIOS, thinking Oh, this sounds like a nice book to read! I’ll give it […]

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Introducing Myself!

Hi there! Welcome! My name is Tessa and I’ll be blogging here all year long to bring you a special inside look into the life of a Ryerson student. This is my second year back as a blogger on WhyRyerson, and I can’t wait to share my new adventures with all of you! But first, […]

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