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Dealing with Stress

University is an amazing time, but it’s not always a walk in the park. We all find ourselves getting stressed out to the point where we question whether “this” is even worth it. It can be hard, but here are some ways to battle that dirty word: stress. Let it out  I gave a similar tip […]

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My Favourite Study Spots

 Before you ask, yes, that cover photo is of me.  If you’re here, it means you must be interested in where I find myself studying most often. You came to the right place, because I will now tell you just where that is. There is one disclaimer though: I use the word “study” lightly as […]

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Shay’s Declassified Rye Survival Guide: Pt. 1 – Student Involvement 

Alright. In my first blog I promised I’d let all of you know what I do around Ryerson and how I got involved with them. So here it is! Welcome to part 1 of my new series that I like to call “Shay’s Declassified Rye Survival Guide”. ( If you’ve yet to read my first […]

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A Student’s November in GIFS

When you realize you’re finally done midterm exams I remember when “midterms” only meant receiving a progress report from my teachers in high school. Now, it means a big test worth a significant portion of our overall grade, and a source of stress and anxiety during 85% of the month of October. As a result, […]

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Preparing For The November Grind

The last month of the semester is always a hectic time of the year. Everyone will be hustling to finish readings, write papers, complete final assignments, and get into gear for exams. If you let it, it can tackle you to the ground and keep you down. But, if you prepare yourself like I’ve learned […]

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7 Ways Spend the Week After Final Exams

Even though the university school year ends approximately two months before high school, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s less intense.  However, as stressful as these last weeks of school are, I’m definitely not mad about ending school for the year in April (which is technically not summer but whatevs).  Here are some of the ways […]

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Exam SZN – As Described by Current Ryerson Students

Exams. Some of them have you feeling like this: Others like this: I asked current Ryerson students what is one sentence that describes exams for them, here were my results: “Long, very long.” “Exciting, because school is almost over!” “A bittersweet ending.” “Omg lol” “…I don’t have any, so pretty chill.” “It’s like the last […]

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