My first weeks as a first-year!

High School I went to College Français, a small French high school located near Ryerson with about 200 people. And, yes, I’m fluent in French. Let me start by telling you what the “first week of school” looked like to me. So, first week of school, it started off pretty simple. We’d get to school at […]

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Everyone knows that midterms are stressful, especially when they’re worth 30% of your grade and you still have assignments, quizzes and labs for every class every week! Also, everybody has their space to study, and for some reason I can’t study at home! With my first midterm approaching, I was swamped. A weekend spent stressing […]

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Who is Moustapha?

My name is Moustapha, and I’m a first-year Engineering student. I’d like to consider myself an open and outgoing person. I enjoy photography and play recreational basketball during my spare time. Seeing as I am an Engineering student, my schedule is quite busy as it includes 22 hours of in-class time per week, as well as […]

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Ryerson Lens: Second Semester Excitement!

Hannah and Karishma here again, ready to bring you another installment of Ryerson Lens! With Winter semester back in full swing, the student body is getting back into study mode and is ready to take on the second half of the school year. We braved the chilly Toronto weather (and quickly ran back inside) to […]

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Ryerson’s New High School Summer Program!

Are you interested in design, technology, science and engineering? Do you feel like you aren’t getting enough exposure to them in high school? Well, you’re certainly not alone, and Ryerson has a cool new program to combat this! V4LAB is a new and innovative summer high school program held by Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering and […]

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Ryerson News: September 28-October 2

It’s getting chilly out there! Fall is officially here, and campus is a busy place. Here are this week’s biggest news stories – happy reading!   Startup finds the ‘power’ at centre for engineering, entrepreneurship Will Sloan for Ryerson Today – News & Events If you’re launching a startup, you may know your product, but […]

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Programming 101 – Logic Structures

Hey guys! Last time on Programming 101 we took a look at the very basic structure of a C++ program. Preprocessor directives, libraries, and classes were also briefly discussed. I recommend reading that post first, right over here, as it will help provide more context to today’s discussion. Alright then! I’ll try to cover as […]

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Oculus Rift & More – Ted Roger’s Management Conference

  Hey guys! I recently attended the annual Ted Rogers School of Management Conference with my wearable technology company team members. Our company, known as Klaptic, is all about increasing the rate of adherence of medical prescriptions – making sure that people take their medication properly and on time. This event was a fantastic opportunity […]

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My Week In Pictures – A Visual Guide To Student Life

  Heys guys! Today I’ll be continuing the “My Week In Pictures” blog series. These posts are designed to give readers a better understanding of what life as a student at Ryerson University is like. Each picture corresponds to one school day during the last week of March. Let’s get to it!   Monday Attended […]

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Working With The Arduino Lilypad

Hey guys! Today’s post is all about the Arduino Lilypad and the world of wearable technology. I wanted this blog update to focus on the processes and steps that are involved with prototyping. I’ll be creating a tie that uses haptic feedback (vibration) and a dynamic neopixel light to alert the user. The alerts can […]

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