Introducing Ryerson Lens: Winter Break

We are excited to introduce Ryerson Lens, a new photo series by yours truly, Hannah Polinski and Karishma Karia! We will be gathering snapshots of the Ryerson student body for you to get a glimpse into their unique lives. Through photos and short interviews, we will be exploring what it’s like to be a student […]

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Where to Up Your Insta Game at Ryerson

Instagram is the victim of countless think pieces, accused of being a false reality that only allows people to share their most jealousy-inducing moments and project glorified images of themselves. Underneath it all, Instagram is just a misunderstood platform that wants you to showcase your creativity and photography. There’s no shame in having friends take […]

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Are you the Ideal Ryerson Student? Find out!

You love excitement  Whether it’s a carnival, a free outdoor concert, an arts festival, or a TV show or movie being filmed, you absolutely love excitement. You won’t mind hearing loud music or cheering as you walk to class, because you love the idea of people coming together to enjoy themselves, and you want to take […]

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99U Local Event: Turning Creative Ideas into Action

A few weeks ago, I attended 99U Local, a movement created by the 99U. I was eager to attend this event because it was about turning creative ideas into reality, something I often struggle with. Hosted at Design Cofounders, curated by Splash Effect, and made tasty by a variety of expensive cheeses and other snacks, here […]

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Three Things to Expect from a Ryerson Student

Okay, I know everyone is different and has their own personalities and characteristics.  I also know that every individual can have a totally different experience than another individual, even if they did exactly the same thing.  HOWEVER, in my nearly two years at Ryerson, I’ve met a lot of different people in different programs and […]

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ryerson spotlight2

Spotlight on Three Creative Student Projects

If you’ve applied to Ryerson, chances are you did your research on what the school is about, and what the environment is like here on campus.  In addition, you’ve probably clued in to the fact that our university is filled with creative individuals and groups, who start projects that may have you wondering why you never thought […]

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Making My First Gundam Model

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with robots. But not just any kind of robot (I’m looking at you Watson, aka the “Jeopardy Supercomputer”), its fantastical and sci-fi robots that really appeal to me. I’m not sure if it’s their uncanny symmetric form factors, gleaming metal, mechanized voices, or simply […]

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7 Great YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

With the Information Age came a huge focus on the computerization of information, most evident in the video-sharing website YouTube. While an extreme YouTube addiction (is that even a thing!?) can be unhealthy, there’s nothing like kicking back and burning an hour (or two) on YouTube, catching up with your favorite Channel and fellow YouTuber. Below […]

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Creative Thinking for Uni Students

As a student, it is sometimes (ok, often) difficult to come up with fresh and creative ideas—especially when we are flooded with project and assignment deadlines.  So when I heard about a presentation called the Dean’s Lecture Series on Creative Thinking, I was eager to learn some tips for allowing those creative and innovative juices […]

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Adventures In Origami – Paper Stars & Greatswords

Hey guys! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with origami. Using just plain, boring paper to create vivid 3D objects is incredibly cool. With that in mind, I recently acquired a beginner’s book to origami. The two creations that I’ve shared today are my origami paper stars and my paper greatsword. […]

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