How To: Get Motivated For School After A Long Break In 3 Easy Steps

If you’re anything like me, having almost a full month’s break from my last exam to the first day of school in the New Year makes me excited to be back! I missed all hustle and bustle of the downtown core, learning new things, and meeting new people. But one week into school and I’m […]

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Winter Week of Welcome 2014!

We’re back! Did you miss us? I sure missed my home-away-from-home during the incredibly long break! After a month of relaxing and doing absolutely nothing, I’m definitely thrilled to get back into the swing of things, especially with these blog posts! And one of the best parts about starting classes again is the many activities […]

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Important Notice: We’re Closed For The Holidays!

Season’s greetings everyone! What a great year it has been, and now that the mid-year break has arrived we’re getting ready for the holidays! As an important notice our offices are CLOSED during the mid-year break. This break in service will start Friday, December 20 @ 4:30 PM EST, and we will reopen Monday, January 6, […]

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Festive lights on Ryerson campus

When Night Falls – Top 4 Things To Do On Campus After 5 PM

Hello fellow readers! Between studying for finals and finishing lab reports, I oftentimes find myself around the campus vicinity until after dusk. Sure, the sun is down but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop being active in the later hours. Below are my top 4 things to do on campus after 5 PM: […]

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Image Arts Building

Ryerson Monoliths – The Image Arts Building

As I exit the library doors and make my way down to Yonge-Dundas Square, it immediately catches my eye. Glowing sapphire blue in the evening, the presence of the building is magnified by it’s reflection in Lake Devo. Gradually, a luminous wave cascades over the building and overtakes the blue with a dazzling emerald green. […]

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George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre

Ryerson Monoliths – The George Vari Engineering & Computing Centre

From afar it looked like a cross between an assemblage of crystal ice-cubes and a building pulled straight out of The Minority Report. Tinted turquoise-blue in the afternoon sun, numerous glass panels provided a glimpse of the activity that was going on within the structure. It was a quiet sentinel, a nexus from which streams […]

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Ryerson River painting on Gould Street

Rivers To Success – Ryerson Maps Out Campus Buildings

If you’ve been popping up around Ryerson campus within the past two weeks, you have seen it. After all, a huge navy-blue river cascading for hundreds of meters down the road is hard to miss. Covering Gould and Victoria Street, the river adds to the overflowing vibrance of downtown Toronto. But what exactly is the […]

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Incubative Studying – The Best Places To Be Productive On Campus

Five more minutes. Another five can’t hurt, can they? Almost at that new level and – WAIT! It’s dark outside and I have yet to start on that essay! *panic mode*    What better way to spend your reading week – wait for it – than by actually studying? If you are anything like me, […]

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Sommer’s Toronto Treasure List – First Spot: The Mackenzie House

Hi There! I’m Sommer, a recent graduate of the Graphic Communications Management program at Ryerson University. As a student of a vibrant and exciting downtown campus I was able to experience the surrounding Toronto area first hand. Toronto is an amazing city to study, learn and live in, with a diverse and urban downtown core […]

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