Free Holiday Events This November

So Halloween is officially over and we all know what that means- the holidays are just around the corner! November first is unofficially the day that people (like myself) who look forward to the winter holidays all year can be excited about them publicly without being judged. Kick off your November the right way and drag […]

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5 Offbeat Activities Near Campus

What to do, what to do… Admissions Communications team member, Matt, is sharing his ideas for fun and offbeat activities to partake in around the Ryerson campus! — Sick of study dates at Tim Hortons? Already binge watched all your favourite shows on Netflix? Twice? As a student, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Sometimes […]

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Emily Pitman Hall

Top 5 Classic Toronto Winter Activities

On my way home to Pitman Hall Residence, I noticed that one of the Residence Service Desk (RSD) staff members had put up a new whiteboard post. This is a common thing for all residents in Pitman or the ILLC to see, however this one stuck out to me… (Probably because of the time of year… […]

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