June Applicant Updates

Happy (almost) summer! Our graduates have been attending convocation, and we’re still busy getting ready to welcome our new students in September. If you are waiting to hear from us keep an eye on your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal for the latest updates. Those of you who have been accepted, congratulations! This month we are sharing updates […]

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May Applicant Updates

Most of our students are away on break, but campus is still a busy place! Between visits to the weekly Ryerson farmers’ market and enjoying the sunshine we’re still hard at work here in Admissions. This month we’ll be touching on: 1. Admissions Decision Updates 2. Resources for Approved Students 3. Visiting Ryerson (From Your […]

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5 New Uses for your Ryerson OneCard!

‘Wait a second.. Isn’t a OneCard just the ID you get once you’re accepted to Ryerson? I heard you use it like twice a year at exams..” WRONG!  Your OneCard is arguably one of the most important things you’ll own as a Ryerson student. In fact, here’s 5 unique uses you’ve probably never heard of: 1. Laundry […]

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19 Reasons Why The #Ryerson2019 Class is Already Pretty Awesome

You’ve been tweeting/instagramming/snapchatting us, and trust me, we’ve been hearing you! The #Ryerson2019 class seems PRETTY cool in my opinion and y’all are going to make amazing #FutureRams. As we’ve been getting your posts we’ve been getting REAL excited for you guys to come to Ryerson this fall, you’re the best #Ryerson2019. JUST GOT ACCEPTED […]

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