Ryerson’s New High School Summer Program!

Are you interested in design, technology, science and engineering? Do you feel like you aren’t getting enough exposure to them in high school? Well, you’re certainly not alone, and Ryerson has a cool new program to combat this!

V4LAB is a new and innovative summer high school program held by Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. If you’ve ever dreamed of applying to any program within that faculty, this program was literally made for you! Through a variety of comprehensive and innovative workshops, this aims to prepare its participants for what’s known as “Industry 4.0” – or the new industrial revolution!

Industry 4.0 describes the digitization of the manufacturing sector and encompasses a range of emerging technologies forming the fourth industrial revolution. The first three industrial revolutions are steam power, electric power and computing power.

As our world is ever-changing, it’s becoming necessary for all students to get this kind of well-rounded experience. The most exciting thing about this program is the ability for students like you to gain this experience in the post secondary environment! This means that you’ll already be ahead of the game (especially if you plan on applying to one of our programs)!

Participants will work collaboratively to create bots in response to real-world issues. Using a wide range of tools and learning modes, participants will begin to unlock their future career path in the fourth industrial revolution.

How cool is that!


For more information on fees, registration and dates, please visit ryerson.ca/v4lab/

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