Ryerson Folio Launch 2013

Nothing quite signals the end of the year like an issue launch. The writers, editors, photographers and designers of Ryerson Folio celebrated the release of their 3rd issue last Wednesday at the swanky Loft404 on Adelaide Street.

Ryerson has so many amazing student initiatives happening year round. The Ryerson Folio is just one out of the many amazing opportunities journalism, photography and even business students can get involved in.

Ryerson’s first general-interest magazine,The Folio offers real hands on experience to students looking to enter into a magazine career. Budding writers and editors alike come together in the spirit of encapsulating all of Toronto in its diverse culture, behaviour, and lifestyle. The Folio runs year round, with regular online publications and two printed issues.

Just looking at the front cover and looking through the table contents you can tell how much hard work they put into it; it looks so professional its hard to believe that a group of students produced it! From stories that “raise the curtain” on choreographic works to showcasing Toronto’s vibrant graffiti culture, the Folio has it all in style and content worthy of praise, or at the very least a pat on the back.

It was very interesting to attend because I was able to meet the people created this amazing issue. From the photographers, producers, and to the writers – most of whom my peers – gave great stories as to how they shot, wrote, and edited their stories. It was a valuable place for knowledge and a little fun too!

It’s been a pleasure entertaining you guys throughout the year, hope you enjoyed the sights and sounds of Ryerson I presented to you all. Until next time!


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