Ryerson Adventures to Wonderland

Hello again, this is Matthew Haddad wrapping up the summer with this last gem on my summer hot spots list!! This last spot is well-known to most residents of Toronto, and is of course, a great place for students to let off some steam. Canada’s Wonderland can provide you with fun attractions during the spring, summer and even fall months. So whether on summer vacation or in class during the fall, you can always find time for some thrills at a discounted price.

The great thing about visiting Canada’s Wonderland is that the Ryerson Student Union located in the Ryerson Student Campus Centre provides every student with discounted tickets when visiting on a tighter budget. Tickets at Canada’s Wonderland for single admission normally run to $46.99 while tickets bought at our Student Campus Centre run for $43.00. Okay, so not a huge discount, but students will take what they can get! Plus the extra money saved could help pay for your parking, or for splitting a funnel cake with a friend! However, if you don’t plan on driving there then there are other options.

Students can get to Canada’s Wonderland from Ryerson University by commuting on the connecting transit systems. Students can access the TTC subway station from Dundas and take the Yonge line North to York Mills station. Once at York Mills station you can then connect with the GO Bus which goes straight to Canada’s Wonderland. The fares for both combined would run you close to $10, unless you have a GO train discount card and TTC metropass that you can pick up from the Student Campus Centre. You then would be eligible for discounted fares.

There is a lot to do at Wonderland. After a full week of school, class readings and homework, what better way to spend a fall weekend then to go on some roller coasters? My personal favourite roller coaster is the new one that opened up known as Leviathan. It is a beastly ride, very fast, and has some insane drops. My friends and I had a bet to keep our hands up the whole way through from start to finish. The initial drop with your hands up is a frightening yet exciting experience to say the least. Also, only the real thrill seekers sit at the front of the ride, but expect some tears in your eyes from the wind due to the speed of the ride. Of course there are many other classic rides and attractions to visit, but one other thing is the food. Funnel cakes always make me drool, or you can indulge in a ice cream cookie, they will for sure fulfil any sugar cravings – yum!

One of the great facts about studying in Toronto is that many major events, venues and attractions are very close by. Do you have any spots you want to visit while in the city?

Thank you for tuning in to my posts! I hope you enjoyed all the advice for places to visit while in school.



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