Ryerson Admissions iPad/iPhone/App


We’ve recently released our iPad and iPhone app! Available for download via the App Store, look for “Ryerson University Admissions” or visit the following link Ryerson University Admissions – Ryerson University


Ryerson University guide for prospective students including an interactive campus tour, admissions handbook, news, blogs, video and photo galleries.


– An interactive video tour of Ryerson University. The next best thing to visiting in person!
– A searchable 2014 admissions handbook loaded with bonus content like sample course schedules and student testimonials.
– The latest news and blogs, featuring events for prospective students and campus life.
– Photos and videos about Ryerson faculty, students and campus events.



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  1. Hi there,

    I was trying to find out what is the OUAC Code for Accounting/Finance/Management, undergraduate studies for Fall 2014. This is for my daughter. Thanks.

    • Hi Emadur - For Fall 2014 Accounting and Finance is SBO, and Business Managment is SBE. Program codes for Ryerson (or any Ontario university) can be found here on the OUAC's website: http://bit.ly/1bD1tlb

      Best of luck to your daughter!

  2. Hello there, I have sent my transcripts and grade results in the mail and have put my OUAC Reference number on the envelopes instead of the Ryerson number. Does this affect the process in any way? If so what should I do?

    • Hi Christian,

      As a heads up: we’re available on Twitter and Facebook @RyersonUAR to answer your questions! But, no, this will not affect your application. We will be able to match your documents up to your Ryerson Number.

  3. I got an offer of admission for accounting and finance, can you please advise me if the offer will remain valid given the fact that my current GPA is 82 and it is stated in the offer letter it should be 83. It is very crucial that I receive a feedback before the acceptance deadline as this will have a huge factor in my decision.

    • Hi Shahed,

      Unfortunately our blog isn't the ideal venue for advising you, and we would highly recommend getting in touch with us at 416-979-5036. We can say that when someone doesn't meet their conditions as stated in their offer letter they are at risk of having their offer cancelled. However, again, it is best you contact us in order to speak to the Admissions Officer for Accounting and Finance.

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