Places to get bubble tea around campus

Sometimes, all I need to feel better and get going on a long day is a good old fashion bubble tea. For those who do not know what bubble tea is, it is a Taiwanese tea-based drink that can either be milk based or tea based and can contain tapioca pearls or jellies in them. Different? Maybe. Amazing? Yes. There are so many different kinds of bubble tea you can experience: slush, crema, milk based, green tea based, black tea based, hot, iced and more. These teas are mixed and matched with different flavour combinations and toppings (they actually sink to the bottom) to really be the drink of your dreams and Ryerson being in the downtown core has no shortage of where you can buy these drinks. Here are my go-to places around campus!


Sharetea is my all-time favourite place to go. It’s located on Dundas just south on Bond and is extremely easy to get to. Their strawberry black tea is perfect but to be honest everything is pretty good. They also offer mini pearls which is pretty unique for a store to offer!

Chatime, Yonge and College

This location has a smaller line than the other Chatime about to be listed. It’s not a far distance from the Mattamy Athletic Centre and can usually get you in and out within a five minute period. Personal favourite: hazelnut milk tea, half sweetness.

Chatime, Dundas

Chatime is a chain that you can find all over the world, but Ryerson is lucky to have two close by! Located just down Dundas there is a second location on the North side. This one almost always has a line so be prepared to wait a bit longer if you go here.

Bubble Tease

Bubble Tease is close to Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) and is usually pretty full of Ryerson students. I usually go for a simple iced jasmine tea with no topping here!


Okay, not exactly my go-to place on campus, but it is pretty fast and convenient. Located in Atrium on Bay, KinKin also has an Asian bakery inside of it with over 20 different buns for purchase. They only serve milk tea but they do have all the ingredients you can buy to make your own bubble tea at home, and they have the legendary dipping dots for sale here.


Chacha-Go is located on Elm, and is pretty easy to spot seeing as it is right beside Pizza Pizza. Chacha-Go also has bubble waffles and free Wifi for all your studying needs.

Real Fruit

Real Fruit is located inside the 10 Dundas building on the third floor where the foodcourt is. Personal favourite? Mango diamond slush. Probably a lot of people’s favourites. They can be a bit on the slower side because they are so busy so if you want to grab something before class I suggest showing up a little bit earlier!


Ginger is a restaurant beside the Student Learning Centre (SLC) that sells a variety of affordable Asian food. They also sell bubble tea, but that is not what I usually go here for. Ginger has amazing Vietnamese iced coffee and makes it in record time, making it the go-to place for fast caffeine rushes. If you have never had a Vietnamese iced coffee, imagine a really sweet coffee chocked full of flavour with enough caffeine to last you until 6am the next morning.

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