Places in the City with Student Discounts


One of my favourite words is “discount”.  This is because  I can subtract a percentage of the price of the product I’m eyeing, making it cheaper, and making me happier.  There are some stores that take advantage of the fact that there are students in the area, and thus provide us with some pretty decent discounts.  Here are some of them!

Metro at Church St. and Gould St. 

Metro provides 10% off your purchase on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so especially if you’re living on or near campus, this can save you big bucks when doing your grocery shopping!


Top Shop is pretty expensive, but if there is something you’ve been wanting to splurge on, they, too, offer 10% off your purchase.

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Not only is the ROM an amazing place for learning and discovering, as a post-secondary student, you get free admission on Tuesdays (did I mention “free” is also one of my favourite words?)!!!!  If you haven’t been to the ROM in a while, or at all, definitely plan an educational yet super fun trip to the Museum once you become a full-time uni student!

The Apple Store 

If your parents promised you a Mac for university, or you’re in the process of saving up for one, the Apple Store has some great discounts and student rates.  Partnering stores like Best Buy also honour Apple’s student discount, and provide additional warranty options.  Be sure to check that out as well.

TTC and GO Transit 

As a commuter school, many of Ryerson’s students take either the TTC or the GO Transit, or both.  Through Ryerson’s Student Centre, you can buy discounted TTC monthly passes, and through our school or GO, you can get a student pass that allows you to ride GO buses and trains for a lower rate (they are valid for a year, and you must have the student pass at all times).

Second City

I recently went to a show at the Second City, a sketch comedy and improv company, and I loved every one of their sketches.  I also loved that my friends and I received special student pricing!

Various meal, service, and retail location with an SPC Card

SPC cards are beneficial, as they offer discounts at a variety of different locations, not only in Toronto, but the rest of Canada.  I’m sure many of you have had one in the past, but it may be a good idea to purchase and register one when you attend university.  The average saving is 10%, but it sure adds up!

There are many ways for students to receive discounts in the city, whether it be on weekly trips to the supermarket or lunch locations, or special events and attractions.  Just remember to bring your student card to these places to avoid any complications.  Happy saving!

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YAY for all the money you’ll save!!!

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