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Your student bloggers, Ankita, Emma, Jeremy, Kwaku and Mercedes, are here to share what it’s like studying at our distinctive downtown campus. Read all about events at the university, how to cope with exams, or even just where to find a good place to eat in Toronto. You can also find the team on the WhyRyerson Snapchat account.

The Ryerson Anime Club

Ryerson has so much more to offer than just academics. One of the best parts about student life at Ryerson is the diverse groups the University has to offer. We wanted to learn a little more about what these groups are like, so we met up with the Ryerson Anime Club.   The Ryerson Anime […]

Time Management 101

I’m not perfect. I sleep in sometimes, I go to bed much later than I should almost all the time. I rely on coffee to get me through my days pretty much every day. I will, however, say that I have grown SO much since first year. I did the very bare minimum when I […]

Saturday on a Budget

Picture this: you wake up from a sound slumber, the birds outside chirp peacefully near your window, and the mid-morning sun hits your face softly… when you’re suddenly interrupted by a text from your friend. “Hey! You up for doing something today?” You smile–how sweet! “Of course,” you think to yourself, “we should do something amazing. Visit […]