New Winter Term Courses!

Welcome back, everyone! After what felt like the longest month of my life, our blog posts are FINALLY returning as Ryerson resumes the academic year with a brand new winter semester! Tons of new opportunities, events, and experiences are to be had in 2015, so I’m starting off by giving you a preview of which classes will shape my winter semester of first year Media Production. Let’s get started!

RTA 201: Video Art and Production

After both the lecture and the lab this week, I’m calling it: this will be my favourite class I’ve EVER taken. It’s exactly what I love to do most: shoot video. We learn everything from camera work and audio to editing and production paperwork. Both my prof and lab instructor are amazing and I can’t wait to see where this class leads me!


RTA 211: Production Theory

Another class being taught by a great prof, Dana Lee, which focuses on all the nitty gritty technical stuff we have to know in order to work in the industry. We learn the ins and outs of how everything works: cameras, radio, recording devices, and any other technical aspect of production you can imagine. Definitely one of the most important courses within RTA!


RTA 212: Media Writing

This is one of the classes that exemplifies Ryerson’s famous “experiential learning” concept. This week we had a mock newsroom and practiced delivering short news stories in a fast-paced environment. We get to play around with factual writing and dramatic writing in this class and learn by doing. I’m incredibly psyched to find out what I can do in this area.


POL 540: Issues in Third World Politics

My chosen elective this semester, I took this class because it’s a subject I’ve never studied before, and I figure University electives are perfect for expanding your mind! Just in the first class, we dove into an interesting discussion about current news stories with many students from the class contributing to the conversation. You’ll see that those are the best classes; when everyone can express their opinions and allow each other to look at things from a different perspective!

And that’s it! I have a bit of a lighter load this time around since two of my classes are split into six weeks, meaning I only have four at a time, and I’m anticipating this will be a nice break after a hectic schedule of six last fall! If you feel like checking out some of the other RTA classes or any other programs, you can access the Undergraduate Calendar online.

Here’s to a great new semester for all of us!

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