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NCommentPoster is automated blog commnet poster.
Our SEO team has made this tool to increase your backlinks to your site. We find websites related to your site and create backlinks from these sites to your site.

We create a SEO plan for your site depending on your keywords, backlinks, your niche and your site structure. All SEO plans are minimum of 6 months period and every 6 months we analyze your site depending on these data. We check regularly if the links are still exists and add new links on top of your old links regarding to the SEO link development plan we have created for your site.

We also make offline SEO at your site and help Google and other search engines to understand your site better. The better your site crawls the easier your site gets indexed by search engines. We have different SEO tools which implemented by our SEO team just to use for our clients.

Om NCommentPoster

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Our fully automated comment poster to increase your search ranking.Our SEO team uses different tools to control your rankings and keep tracks of your targeted keywords.

SEO Planner

We are using SEO Planner to make a SEO plan for your site every 6 months. Every 6 months, we are making a SEO analyze for your site and make a new SEO plan for the next 6 months. We check regularly your keywords, your search engine results, backlinks and keywords ranking. But every 6 months, we collect all these data and create a new plan depending on these results.

Keyword Analyzer

You should have focused on your main keywords while you were creating your site. We collect all the data from your site and make a keyword map for your site by using our Keyword Planner tool. It helps us to find out your keywords and main keywords. We also check your competitors keyword and add new related keywords to your site for ranking at these new keywords at the search engines.

Competitor Analyzer

We have created Competitor Analyzer tool to check your competitors in the market. We check your competitors rankings, their backlinks and their keywords regularly. Your competitors might also working on the SEO of their sites and we keep on eye of what they are doing.

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SEO Package

Do you want to rank better and stop paying to other networks to get customers to your web site?

Our SEO team can help you to rank better at your site keywords you want to rank better.

Please check our different packages and price list before making a decision.

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