My residence experience 2nd round!

Hey guys, Dillon here again,

Today, I’m here to reveal the outcome of one of my deepest worries that I had coming back this year. And I’m happy to say that my nightmares did not come true!

I had an amazing experience living in residence last year. Right from the first day, just a couple hours in after the first meeting where we got to see everyone’s faces, we all gelled together in a way that I only thought possible in a t.v. show. The bonds that were made, the things that we did, the emotion we all showed at the end of the year I will remember for a very long time.

So naturally, I wanted to come back to the same place for a second year! But to be wholly honest, I was a little afraid of what to expect with a whole new batch of people to live with. I honestly had no clue what to expect, it’s hard to duplicate the perfect mix of 30 or so different personalities under one roof. Would they be friendly? Clean? Respectful? Fun? Will my second roommate be as good as the first? All these questions were burning inside me that I wanted to know and at the same time didn’t.

Well, it has now been over a month since living together with “this year’s batch” and I’m happy to say that I have another great group of friends to live with this year! They’re friendly, respectful, clean and fun! My roommate’s a great guy and we have already learned a lot from each other. Nothing like teaching your roommate how to cook!

Of course with different people comes a different dynamic in how you interact with them, but that feeling from last year is definitely in the air. As a senior in my residence it is my job to make sure that the first years all get along and that peace is kept, I’m glad that I’ve never had to do that so far.

I think that just goes to show you how alike we all really can be. I’ve made 30 friends last year, and I’ve made 30 more this year. Those are some pretty good odds! As long as people are respectful and willing to smooth out the minor issues, which most people will do, you’ll have a great year ahead of you in residence.

Now I’m definitely considering coming back for a third year.

Who’s interested in living in residence? Leave a comment!

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