How to make the most of the holidays in Toronto

The holidays are here! The city has a totally different feeling at this time of year, and if you have never been to Toronto in December I highly recommend it! Like anything in this city though the options can seem overwhelming, and you want to make sure you hit it all. Well, below I have some of the ways you can make the most of the holiday season here!


Go skating at Nathan Phillips Square

This one is a must, and is very easy for Ryerson students! Located not even 10 minutes from campus, Nathan Phillips Square becomes the city’s downtown skating rink. Don’t own your own skates? Well lucky for you, they have rentals! It is a great place to try out skating if you haven’t, and also get a good workout in the downtown core!

Nathan Philips Square

Distillery District Christmas Market 

This is the most touristy thing possible but is amazing!! Open now and offering some of the cities most festive sights, this market is going to make your Instagram Toronto holiday chic! Pro tip though, go Monday-Thursday; if you go on the weekends it’ll cost you $5. However, if you go during the week you can get the experience for free!


The Hudson’s Bay windows

This one is a free and quick option, but still is a staple of Toronto in the holidays! These windows are truly a spectacle, and from Ryerson you barely need to go outside to see them! With some major celebrities having been apart of their creation over the years it is a really festive sight to behold! While you’re walking there go through the Eaton centre and see the 20-foot tree too!


Go shopping (early!)

Speaking of the Eaton Centre, its time to go shopping! Whatever or whoever you are shopping for this mega mall just seconds from campus is where you will want to go. With three floors of shops, and the mall decorated in a festive fashion, you will have a great time! Just fair warning: don’t leave things for the last minute! This mall will get CRAZY come the late days of December, so go do your shopping now!


Spend time with people you love

Not to get cliché, but this is really what your holidays should be about! Take some time and have a fun night with your friends and family. Whether you are a first year in residence, or a graduating student, spend some time with your Ramily, and realize that we are all so lucky!


Happy Holidays!

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