Where to Up Your Insta Game at Ryerson

Instagram is the victim of countless think pieces, accused of being a false reality that only allows people to share their most jealousy-inducing moments and project glorified images of themselves. Underneath it all, Instagram is just a misunderstood platform that wants you to showcase your creativity and photography.

There’s no shame in having friends take photos of your finest outfits, nor is there anything wrong with capturing the world around you with the Valencia filter. Derek Zoolander taught us that there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking, so as long as we keep a healthy balance between our vanity and important things on our feeds like fall leaves and matcha lattes there’s no harm in falsifying our lives.

Luckily for you, Ryerson’s Insta-worthy campus mixes the modern with the classic, resulting in a diverse feed that will get you all the self-validation you deserve! 


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 At first glance, you would never guess a gym full of sweaty students was under this beautiful archway. Covered in flowers in the summer months, crispy orange leaves in the fall, and lush ivy year round, you can count on the RAC to be a definite crowd pleaser, adding both architecture and nature tones to the ‘gram.


The SLC 

Ryerson’s newest building changed the face of university architecture. If you’ve been to The Beach on the sixth floor, you know why. Its wide open space and bright lighting will have you tagging #creatorclass in no time. The SLC’s sleek exterior and blue panels provide endless opportunities to be the artsy Instagrammer you always dreamed of. If you’re ever in need of a headshot, the top floor provides great lighting and great views. 

Volunteering for JHR tonight was awesome! I met so many amazing people in Canada's media and politics industries. Now manning the desk at work, not sleepy quite yet, so hopefully I'll survive the overnight no problem. Here's part one of a two part series about the excellent tile floors I've found on Ryerson's campus. Stay tuned for part two! Also, on the bummier side of things, some really awesome people have been following me recently only to unfollow me a few hours later! To everyone who follows me and then puts up with me for an extended period of time, I thank you deeply and really appreciate it. I just wish some of these cool people would stick around for a while because I really enjoy their accounts and want to be friends! #toronto #yyz #downtown #city #citycentre #citylife #torontolife #ryerson #ryersonuniversity #university #universitylife #cafe #balzacs #balzacscoffee #floors #tiles #mosaic

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If minimalist photos of coffee and journals get you feeling some type of way, then you need to make your way over to Balzac’s for some serious shots. If you’re a #foodie, they have delicious treats to add a sweet spin to your feed. Best of all, they have pretty tiles too if you’ve got that thing for floors. 


O’Keefe House 

This old mansion turned residence is far from an eyesore. You can’t actually enter the building unless you live here, but on sunny afternoons the sunlight filters through the branches of the tall trees in the backyard, giving it a calming look. For reasons unknown the fence that once stood around its backyard has been taken down, leaving it a wide open space with plenty of wood and mahogany tones for all your #OOTD posts.

Basil Box

When Toronto is blessed with such a myriad of beautiful foods, it’s hard not to have food pictures take over the ‘gram. Basil Box, attached to the bottom floor of the SLC. Its aesthetically pleasing bowls (look at that slight sprinkle of peanuts!!) will have everyone drooling over your #eats shots.

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