Incubative Studying – The Best Places To Be Productive On Campus

Five more minutes. Another five can’t hurt, can they? Almost at that new level and – WAIT! It’s dark outside and I have yet to start on that essay! *panic mode* 


What better way to spend your reading week – wait for it – than by actually studying? If you are anything like me, your room is a hodgepodge of distractions and a breeding ground for temptations. From those neglected video games singling you out to that new Supernatural Activity 5 (the parodies keep on coming!) movie begging to be watched, I often find myself getting little to no work done at home. Rest assured, however, as Ryerson University provides its’ students with numerous distraction-free and WiFi-enabled study spaces! Below, you’ll find my top 4 places to study on campus. Now to churn out that tenacious essay!


i) Ryerson Library 10th Floor

A solid choice, the 10th of the Ryerson University Library is meant for silent study. This means no talking or whispering, no music/audio, and minimal eating – the perfect ingredients for a productive session. Additionally, each study cubicle is equipped with an overhead lamp and two power sockets.

ii) Mattamy Athletic Center Cafe

An unlikely contender, the Mattamy Athletic Center Cafe is equipped with round tables for group studying, as well as tall coffee tables for when you need to go solo. Not to mention all the nearby yummy snacks students can treat themselves to after a burst of serious studying!

iii) Eric Palin Hall 1st & 2nd Floors

In addition to huge tables useful for spanning out textbooks, the first and second floors of EPH are equipped with round tables that have central power sockets. Also, just being underground puts me into study mode!

v) George Vari Engineering and Computing Center 4th Floor

Besides providing students with a great view, the fourth floor of the Engineering Building features a lounge-style layout and plenty of power sockets for all your electronic gizmos. The fourth floor is also generally the quietest floor in ENG.


I’ve provided a link to the campus map so that you can plan out your next academic venture. A great tip for productive studying? Set an alarm on your cellphone to signal the end of your studying period, and then throw your cellphone inside your bag. The number one distraction, and encumbrance to effective study sessions, is your cellphone! Remember, it’s all about discipline. Happy studying!

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