Help! The Winter Break is almost here, and I have questions!

Yes, it’s true. Starting Saturday, December 24, our offices will be closing for the winter break, and we will be unavailable to answer your questions via social media, through email, or on the phone. But, fear not! We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may address some of the concerns you have. If you’re not seeing the answer to your question here be sure to head over to Ask Ryerson for more. Please note that Ryerson University will reopen Monday, January 9.

Admissions Requirements

How do I apply?

Visit How to Apply to see an overview of the application process and procedures.

When is the deadline to apply?

View an outline of Application Deadlines

The guaranteed consideration* date for “Grades Plus” and “Grades Only” programs is February 1.

* All complete applications and amendments received by the above dates as noted will receive equal consideration for admission.  Applications, amendments and supporting documents received after published deadline dates are reviewed subject to space availability.

What are the admission requirements? (could potentially be used as a blog/FB post)

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

Admission is based on competitive grades in program specific subject requirements, competitive overall admission averages and non-academic requirements (where applicable, e.g., portfolio, essay, interview, audition).   

Academic Requirements

Academic achievement is an important admission factor for most undergraduate programs, and is the only factor for our Grades-Only programs.  Academic requirements vary for individual programs, and are listed in the Academic Requirements section of the Undergraduate Program pages.  Keep in mind that the listed academic requirements establish eligibility for admission consideration, and admission to our programs is subject to competition.

Non-Academic Requirements

Grades-Plus programs consider non-academic factors such as interviews, auditions, selection tests, essays, portfolios, etc. in the selection process. View Non-Academic Requirements for individual programs by selecting your Grades-Plus Program of interest.

Academic Requirements for Applicants Educated Outside of Ontario

Applicants educated outside of Ontario must submit evidence of education equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma with six Grade 12 U/M courses, and the completion of courses considered equivalent to the subject pre-requisites. For more information view the Category-Specific Requirements on our Admissions website.

Academic Requirements for Transfer Applicants

Advanced Standing and Direct Entry admission is available for select programs, to applicants who have completed an eligible degree or diploma.  Advanced Standing/Direct Entry admission requirements are listed in the Academic Requirements section of the admission Program pages. Applicants not eligible for Direct Entry/Advanced Standing may apply for Entry Level admission.  Applicants must provide secondary and post-secondary transcripts, as well as a Supplementary Form and other requested documents, and have completed all subject prerequisites (or equivalent) required for individual program admission.  Application will be assessed in competition with other applications.

Academic Requirements for Mature Student Applicants

Mature Student applicants who do not possess the minimum admission requirements may be considered for admission.  Applicants must present evidence of the ability to succeed academically in the program, and have completed all subject prerequisites (or equivalent) required for individual program admission. Visit Mature Students for more information on eligibility and admission requirements.

The status of a current application can be viewed online via the Choose>Ryerson applicant portal. After you log in to your page, select “Check Your Application Status”.

You must confirm your Offer of Admission by the Confirmation Deadline Date stated on your Offer, otherwise your Offer of Admission will expire.  

If you applied to Ryerson through the OUAC 101 or OUAC 105 forms, you must confirm your Offer of Admission via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). If you applied to Ryerson using the Ryerson Application Form, you must confirm your Offer of Admission via RAMSS.  

Visit the Approved Students webpage or your Offer of Admission for instructions.

Early Offers of Admission are based on the best three to six Grade 12 U/M courses (final or mid-term grades). Students must have completed or be currently registered in all courses required for admission to their chosen program.

View a program-by-program list of Release Dates for early Offers of Admission.

Ontario Secondary School Applicants

Admission averages for Ontario secondary school students are based on the best six interim and final Grade 12 U or M courses, or equivalent.  

  • The program-specific subject prerequisites may not necessarily be included in this calculation.  
  • Admission averages are based on two decimal places and are not rounded.
  • For current Ontario secondary school applicants, grade 11 results may be used in the early admission selection process.  
  • Carefully review any conditions listed on your Offer of Admission and ensure you meet these conditions.  See Step 3 – Meet your Admission Conditions on the Approved Students webpage for instructions on how to meet your conditions.

Non-Ontario Secondary School Applicants

See ‘Category-Specific Requirements‘ on the Admissions website for equivalent requirements.

How do I apply as an international student?

International Applicants should visit our International Admissions page for the most up to date information on admissions requirements and equivalent standing guidelines.

English Proficiency

Applicants required to submit proof of English proficiency will receive a letter requesting proof of English Proficiency in their Choose>Ryerson applicant portal.  

Within 20 days of receiving the letter, applicants must follow the steps outlined on the English Language Requirements website to indicate a date for the submission of an English proficiency test score (no later than April 1st).

English proficiency test result must be sent directly from the testing centre. We do not accept unofficial copies or copies submitted directly by applicants. Please contact your testing centre to make these appropriate accommodations.

If you are from a country where English is not the first language, or where English is an official language but not the first language, and have resided in Canada for four calendar years or less, you will be required to present proof of English Language Proficiency at a satisfactory level.

Your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal will indicate whether proof of English proficiency is required. If required, you are invited to submit English language proficiency test results. Please visit the English Language Requirements website for more details.

What Tests of English proficiency does Ryerson accept?

We accept results for the following English language proficiency tests:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
International English Language Testing Service (IELTS)
Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)
Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)
Pearson Test (PTE)

View the Minimum English Proficiency Scores required for the above tests.

Ryerson Online Indentity & Choose>Ryerson

Ryerson Online Identity

You must activate your Ryerson Online Identity before you can access Ryerson’s online services, including the Document Upload page, your Ryerson email, your portal, Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS), and computer labs.

You may activate your Online Identity after you have:

  • been hired by Ryerson; or
  • applied to a Ryerson program; or
  • requested and received a Ryerson Student ID number

Once you activate your account, please wait up to 24 hours for processing before logging into

If you have activated your Ryerson Online Identity in the past you do not need to activate it again.

Undergraduate Applicants

Undergraduate applicants can activate their online identity starting in January in order to indicate which English Proficiency test they are submitting (if applicable), to access the Document Upload Page, to apply for Transfer Credits and/or confirm  their Tuition Deposit was received on RAMSS.   

To activate your Ryerson Online Identity, fill in the Activation Form at When asked for your Student/Applicant ID, enter your nine-digit Ryerson Number. Keep a record of your username and password. The activation process may take up to 24 hours.   

When logging in with your Ryerson Online Identity, you will use your 9 digit student number as your username and use the password you have created. You will be prompted to set up a permanent username, password and email address the first time you log into your account after August 1.

Continuing Education Students

Chang School students can activate their Ryerson Online Identity after obtaining a Ryerson student ID.  Visit Chang School Enrolment webpage for details.

RAMSS Login Help

RAMSS is accessed by logging into and selecting the RAMSS tab.

You must activate your Ryerson Online Identity before you can access Ryerson’s online service, including RAMSS.  

If you are unable to login, you can contact the CCS Help Desk for assistance.

RAMSS Support

If you are having difficulty navigating or using RAMSS, visit RAMSS Support for tutorials and job aids, as well as for a RAMSS Demo.

Document Submission

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts, and other required admission documents required for the undergraduate application process, such as the Supplementary Form, can be uploaded via our Document Upload Page.  Unofficial transcripts can be used for the review and consideration of your application for admission.  If you are offered admission to a Ryerson program, it will be contingent upon the receipt and verification of your official documents.

Official Transcripts

In order for transcripts to be considered official, they must be in a sealed envelope and bear an original seal/stamp and/or official signature from an appropriate signatory.  Official transcripts can be submitted as indicated below:

  • Sent via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), if eligible.
  • Mailed/couriered to Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON Canada M5B 2K3
  • Delivered in person to Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment Client Services office, located at 380 Victoria Street, Podium Building (POD) Room 150.

Please visit the Document Submission webpage for more detailed information on transcript requirements and instructions on submitting your transcripts.

Once you have received an email acknowledgement of your application from Ryerson, you should begin the process of submitting your required transcripts and supporting documents.

First review the Document Submission instructions.

Ryerson strongly encourages applicants to upload their documents, where applicable, via our Document Upload Page.  Documents can be uploaded once, and additional documents must be sent via the alternative methods listed below.  

If you are unable to upload your documents, or you need to submit additional documents, please submit them using one of the following methods:

  • Arrange submission via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) if eligible (visit Transcript Information on the OUAC website for more details and eligibility).
  • Mail or courier to Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON Canada, M5B 2K3
  • In person delivery to 380 Victoria Street, Podium Building, ServiceHub (POD-150). See Contact Info for directions and office hours.
  • While the above methods are preferred, students may fax admission documents to 416-979-5221. Monitor your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal account to confirm your documents have been received, as we do not confirm the receipt of faxes via email or telephone. It may take 5-7 business days for the receipt of your documents to be confirmed on Choose>Ryerson. Please note any documents faxed in will be considered unofficial.

You can confirm Ryerson has received your admission documents on your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal.  It may take up to ten business days from the time your documents were received, to appear.

Only documents indicated on the Upload Page can be submitted online, and documents may be uploaded once.  Additional documents must be submitted using alternative document submission methods.

For Non-Academic requirements, please review the specific submission details as these will vary program to program.

Visit the Document Submission webpage for information on what documents you are required to submit.  Visit Ready to Submit Your Documents for instructions on how to prepare and upload your documents, as well as for Frequently Asked Questions.

Complete the Document Upload Page Online Help Form if you are experiencing difficulty with the Document Upload Page or if you uploaded the wrong documents or files.

Confirmation After Applying

As an applicant to Ryerson University, there are four websites you may need to access, which will require you to keep track of multiple logins and passwords.

Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC)

Log into the OUAC website to submit, update and accept your application to Ryerson.

  • You can access your OUAC account using your username (IT#####) and the password you created.
  • You will be assigned a reference number (201#-######) for your online application once you have successfully completed your application.  Both the OUAC and Ryerson can use this number to identify your application.
  • If you are experiencing issues logging into your OUAC account, please contact the OUAC directly: OUAC Contact


Through the Choose>Ryerson applicant portal you can track your application status to Ryerson programs, confirm Ryerson has received your admission documents and receive personalized communications about your application.

  • You will receive an email providing a temporary username and password for your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal 3-5 days after you apply through the OUAC. Your assigned username and passwords are the same, but after logging in you can update this to something more memorable
  • To find your Ryerson Number (500######), log in to your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal and select “My Application Status”. Your Ryerson Number should be used in all communications with Ryerson.
  • If you are experiencing issues logging into your Choose Ryerson portal, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment office.

Document Upload Page

Supporting documents and transcripts should be uploaded to Ryerson University through the Document Upload Page when possible.

You must activate your Ryerson Online Identity at BEFORE you are able to log in to the Document Upload Page.

  • Your username will be your Ryerson Number (500######)
  • If you have taken a course at Ryerson in the past, use your my.ryerson username.
  • You will create a customized password when creating your Ryerson Online Identity. It will contain at least one capital letter and at least one number
  • Note – this is the same username and password used to access
  • If you are experiencing issues activating your online identity, please contact the CCS Help Desk
  • If you are experiencing issues uploading your supporting documents, please complete the Document Upload Page Online Help Form

Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS) via

Use to give Ryerson the details of your alternate test of English Proficiency.

  • You must activate your Ryerson Online Identity at BEFORE you are able to log into RAMSS.
  • Your username will be your Ryerson Number (500######)
  • If you have taken a course at Ryerson in the past, use your my.ryerson username.
  • You will create a customized password when creating your Ryerson Online Identity. It will contain at least one capital letter, one lower case case letter and at least one number
  • Note – this is the same username and password as the Document Upload Page.

If you are experiencing issues logging into your OUAC application, please contact the OUAC directly, logging into your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal, please contact Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment, and or issues activating your online identity, please contact the CCS Help Desk.

If you have applied to Ryerson University, a Choose>Ryerson portal account is automatically created for you. A temporary username and password will be sent to you via the email address you used to apply approximately 3-5 business days after you apply. This email will contain instructions on changing your temporary login information and provide details on how to access your portal page. Within your portal you can stay informed about what’s happening at Ryerson, register for events and check your application status. Choose>Ryerson also contains a secure My Documents feature where you’ll find all of your official communications from Ryerson.

Transferring to Ryerson From Another Institution/Program

College and University Admission Requirements

Candidates who wish to attend a Ryerson program and who have attended another accredited university or college will be considered for admission if they are in good academic standing (i.e., eligible for registration/readmission) at their home institution.

Applicants who have been required to withdraw from their home university, will not be eligible for admission to a comparable program at Ryerson until the time of dismissal has been served or, until one year after the status was assigned, whichever comes first. Applicants who have been required to withdraw from a faculty or program at their home university but who are eligible to apply to another faculty or program at their home university are also eligible to apply to a similar faculty or program at Ryerson.

Note: An applicant’s complete academic record, including secondary school as well as all post-secondary studies will be reviewed and considered as part of the competitive selection process. All students must possess the required program subject prerequisites, or equivalents, and required entrance averages for these subjects. Averages/grades required for admission selection to each program is determined on the basis of competition each year.

Students admitted to a Ryerson undergraduate degree program must complete at least one half (50%) of the program’s curriculum at Ryerson.

Before applying, check which programs are accepting applications, and be aware of Ryerson’s Application Dates and Guaranteed Consideration Deadlines.

Ontario College Applicants

Applicants with the following credentials from an Ontario College will be assessed according to the stated guidelines.

  1. Graduates of a three-year diploma program, with a “B” average, will be considered for admission and possible advanced standing or direct entry where applicable. The amount of credit that may be transferred is program-specific.
  2. Graduates of a two-year diploma program, or two years of a three-year diploma, with a “B” average will be considered for admission and possible granting of credits.
  3. Applicants who have successfully completed one year of a two- or three-year program of an academic nature with an “A” standing will be considered for admission.

For more information please visit our University/College Transfer Students web-page.

Can I transfer credits from another school?

Transfer Credits

If you have received an Offer of Admission, you can apply to have courses completed at another post-secondary institution prior to attending Ryerson considered for transfer credits.

Transfer credits are considered for courses:

  • similar in level to a degree level course (diploma and degree level courses will be considered)
  • similar in content to a course in your program
  • with a minimum grade of 70% (B-) for college or 60% (C-) for university
  • not identified on your Offer of Admission as being ineligible

Ryerson does not assess transfer credits for applicants.  Applicants can visit the Prospective Transfer Credit page for additional information on eligibility and preparing your application in advance.

Students who have received an Offer of Admission can visit the Undergraduate Transfer Credit page for application instructions.

Current and former Ryerson students can apply to transfer to another program using the online Ryerson Application.  

Before applying, check which programs are accepting applications, and be aware of the Application Dates and Guaranteed Dates for Consideration.  Applications for the fall term must be received by February 1st for Grades-Plus programs or March 1st for Grades-Only programs to be given equal consideration for admission.

Students applying to a new program are required to meet the new program’s admission requirements including the high school subject prerequisites and competitive averages and high academic standing in their current program. If you are concerned about not meeting the admission requirements, please contact UAR Client Services.

If you are a current student in a Ryerson undergraduate program requesting a plan change within your program (e.g. BA English to BA Sociology) you are not required to submit a Ryerson Application.  Please consult your program department to confirm whether a plan change is necessary and for appropriate application procedures.

Students who are Required To Withdraw [RTW] will not be considered by some departments/schools until their term of suspension is completed.

Upon accepting an offer of admission into a new Ryerson program, you should confirm which of your completed Ryerson courses apply toward your new program.  Visit the Ryerson-to-Ryerson Credits webpage for more information.

You are eligible to apply for transfer credits using the online application once you have received an Offer of Admission.

Undergraduate students can submit details of completed and in-progress courses taken at eligible institutions through the online transfer credit application.

  • Courses that have been previously evaluated, and decisions regarding course transferability established, will receive instant unofficial results.
  • Courses that have not been evaluated, or a decision regarding transferability established, will receive a ‘No Rule’ result, and must be assessed by faculty to determine equivalency. Applicants will be required to submit detailed course outlines (syllabus) for these courses.
  • Official transcripts, submitted in support of the application for admission process, are used to confirm the course and grade information submitted on the online transfer credit application. Updated transcripts may be requested as required.

Transfer credit application status and official results will be posted on your Transfer Credit Report on the RAMSS tab of  It may take 6-8 weeks, from the time suitable course outlines were received, for the results of applications requiring faculty evaluation to appear.  We therefore recommend you apply early, and well in advance of application deadlines.

Granted Transfer Credits reflect equivalent courses at Ryerson and may not necessarily apply toward your program requirements.  It is important to confirm which Transfer Credits apply towards your program and take the necessary steps to follow up.

Visit for complete application instructions.

Making Corrections to your Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal and your OUAC Account

Application Changes

You can change your personal information or program choices on your application to an undergraduate program.  Before amending your program choices, you should ensure your program of interest is accepting applications.  The method for amending your application will depend on how you applied.

OUAC Application

If you applied through the OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre) using the 101 or 105 Form, you can make changes by logging into your OUAC application portal.  Detailed instructions on how to make changes are provided on the OUAC website.

Ryerson Application

If you applied with a Ryerson Application Form you can make changes by downloading and submitting the Ryerson Change Form to the office of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment.

Course Enrolment

To ensure that you are in the right courses to meet graduation requirements, please consult the Undergraduate Course Calendar for your program requirements set out in your curriculum.

All undergraduate students in full-time programs are encouraged to run an Academic Advisement Report through RAMSS to help them determine what courses they need to enrol in and to ensure that the courses apply to their program graduation requirements.  The Academic Advisement Report details which courses you have taken, which courses you are enrolled in, what the program’s course (curriculum) requirements are and how your completed and current in-progress courses fulfill degree requirements.   

Your academic program advisor is able to help you with questions about your Advisement Report and course selection.

Chang School Certificate students should follow their certificate program’s curriculum which can be found in the Chang School Calendar.

Why can’t I enrol in courses?

Possible issues affecting your ability to enrol in courses include:

  • Class is Full – Seats may become available later.
  • Scheduling Conflict –  Check if you are enroled in another class at the same time.
  • Requirements not met – Check course prerequisites, co-requisites and anti-requisites.
  • Hold on Account – Holds may be placed on student accounts for fees owing or unmet obligations, and display in your Student Center on RAMSS.
  • Enrolment Appointment – You are not eligible to enrol at this time.  Your enrolment appointment is listed in RAMSS or Significant Dates.
  • Academic Standing – Students with an RTW (Required to Withdrawal) standing may not be able to enrol in courses.

Visit RAMSS Support for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to enrol in courses online on RAMSS.

If you are still unable to enrol in courses, or have further questions, contact Enrolment Services.  

More questions? Head over to Ask Ryerson for more answers!