Your Guide To Visual Schedule Builder

You may have heard the buzz about the new RAMSS alternative, Visual Schedule Builder . I’m here to tell you yes, it exists. And yes, it is awesome!


VSB is a fairly new feature which you can find when you log into RAMSS. It opens up a new window (and a new world) to help you create your schedule. Coming from someone who used to sketch out potential schedules on napkins, this tool is super helpful for visual people! But before I get carried away, let me explain the main features of VSB.


VSB allows you to:
1) Filter and search for courses by name, professor, or course code. 

Unlike RAMSS, you can type the name of the class instead of using the exact code which is helpful if you want to see more options within a subject or narrow down a specific class. It’s also great is you want to see all the classes taught by a specific professor!


2) Drag, drop, and pin classes into your schedule.

When you pin a class, it becomes “stuck” to your schedule so the program gives you options for your desired courses that work around those pins. You can also easily pin and un-pin courses which makes it a super flexible feature.


3) Block time-slots to accommodate part-time jobs, and other personal commitments.

If you grey-out certain time blocks, the program will only show you options for courses that don’t fall at the same time as the blocked out periods. This helps you narrow down your search, and saves you a lot of time if you know you can’t be on campus at a certain time.


4) Create multiple variations of schedules to choose from and save “favourites”. 

You can look through your saved “favourite” schedules and compare them. When it’s time to enrol, you can just pull up your desired “favourite” schedule and click “Get this schedule” to start the process.


5) You can filter your schedule results. 

To organize your generated results, there are “sort preferences” at the top right corner of the VSB Results section.
These options include:

– None

– Most days off

– Morning classes

– Mid-day classes

– Evening classes

– Time off campus

– Most on-campus


6) Process all class enrolment changes at one time!

This is the HUGE one. Instead of doing this one course at a time, you can process all of your actions (enrol, drop, swap) for all of your classes at the same time.




Don’t forget, you’re still required to select courses that fulfill the curriculum requirements for your degree. So before you begin looking at courses through VSB, make sure that you have viewed your Advisement Report or Course Calendar  so that you are selecting the classes you actually need to graduate!


Another thing to note is that at the moment, VSB is only open for undergraduate students for the Fall/Winter semesters. Basically, you won’t be able to find Chang School (e.g. summer school classes, Continuing Education classes, etc.) on this platform.


Finally, you can use both VSB and RAMSS to enrol in classes during the enrolment period! It’s not one or the other. Whatever change you make on one will reflect in the other so it’s up to preference. However, if you haven’t tried VSB yet, I highly recommend it. 


For more information about VSB check out this link. 


Good luck with course enrolment!

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