Great hangouts for the chilly months!

Is it me or is it finally starting to feel like November? With the weather starting to taper down closer to zero (how it really should be already…) it becomes less and less pleasurable to be hanging outside on campus. Remember when elementary schools, regardless of the frigid, blizzard-storm-like conditions outside, would force kids out for 40-45 minutes and expect them to play? Only thing we did was huddle in a small corner counting down the minutes for the bell to ring. Fortunately for us Ryerson does not enforce such torturous measures and instead provides a number of places for students to stay warm and toasty!

Spot 1) Ryerson Library – The first and fourth floors are great for hanging out with friends or for getting work done as well! The fourth floor provides a number of diner booths with room for up to eight of your closest buddies! The first floor is almost entirely a computer lab, so if you feel like hunkering down on your studies and need a computer, this is the place for you.

Spot 2) Image Arts building – Trendy-looking couches and tables laid out along the glass walls of the building invite you to sink in and relax until the next class. This hangout is great for those who love to bask in natural light and take enjoyment in watching the brisk pace of campus life come and pass. Have yourself a quality cup of coffee while you’re at it without even leaving the building; the Balzac’s Coffee Roasters Café is nestled right inside the building and offers seating as well as the fragrant aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Spot 3) The Student Centre – obviously the building literally built and run by the students would provide accommodations for the weary commuter to sit down and unwind. There are couches down on the lower floor and the Oakham House Café is a great place to sit tight and have a bite!

Spot 4) Eaton Centre – You’re right, it’s not a part of campus, but what’s stopping you? A big space to walk and shop and a food court. What’s not to love? No need to fret about the weather when going to the Ted Rogers School of Management, ‘cause the Eaton Centre connects directly to the building!

Unfortunately, most of the school year is spent under the not-so-sunny time of season. Ryerson provides so many choices to get yourself out of such inconveniences and get the most out of your time spent here!

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