“Free” Should Be The New Athletic Motto

My name is Kelcey and I am in my fourth year of Journalism at Ryerson University. I am the captain of the varsity women’s basketball team and I work for Ryerson’s intramurals. Ryerson sports are a big part of my daily life and I am here to share my experiences with you and maybe inspire you to join the Rams family!

The swish of the net, the drop of the puck, the feeling of getting hit in the face with a big, blue ball; it’s that time of year again, students! 

The time of year where our brains get too full and our bodies are in need of some desperate activity. It’s too late to try out for varsity teams this year but the beginning of Ryerson’s intramural programs are on their way.

Intramurals are a great way to release some extra stress, make some new friends and have some fun. Ryerson has over 12 different sports that they offer to help you do that.

What’s great about this year is that intramurals for Ryerson students are 100 percent free. In previous years, teams [and individuals] signed up and were charged a participation fee. Starting this year, because of the implication of the 2009 referendum, intramural players will be asked to pay a small bond that they will receive back at the end of their season if they show up for all of their games.

On top of that, this years’ intramurals will be hosted in the Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC), the old varsity gym and the brand new, high-level, arena/court at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC).

If you are looking for even further incentive to get active, with the opening of the MAC students are able to workout at both facilities completely free too (your membership is included in your tuition).

My favourite part of intramurals, as a varsity athlete, is the friendship and bonds that I make with people who participate and the sense of unity it provides for all Ryerson’s athletes. It is an amazing feeling to be at one of my varsity games, look over and see my friends from intramurals there to cheer on my team. This supports and builds our school spirit and instills school pride in each and every one of us.

The whole sporting community at Ryerson is a great and welcoming environment and if you decide to come to Ryerson, I would encourage you to come out, join and get some activity. If you are interesting in checking out some varsity pre-season games, alumni games are being held on the weekend of September 28th including the always exciting men’s basketball game – crazy dunks and amazing plays guaranteed! For a full schedule of games, visit www.ryersonrams.ca.

The new Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) provides a state-of-the-art facility for all Ryerson students.



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