Free Holiday Events This November

So Halloween is officially over and we all know what that means- the holidays are just around the corner! November first is unofficially the day that people (like myself) who look forward to the winter holidays all year can be excited about them publicly without being judged. Kick off your November the right way and drag all your scrooge-like friends to these free holiday events coming up soon!


Mariah Carey at Saks Fifth Avenue and Hudson’s Bay

When: November 3rd

I don’t know about you but all I want for Christmas is a free Mariah Carey concert! She’ll be performing a few songs for the reveal of the Hudson Bay’s famous holiday windows, the event will also include a light show and a large firework display.



When: November 14th


Dive into the holiday spirit with the annual tree-lighting ceremony at Yonge-Dundas Square. With the tree over 4o’ high and tens of thousands of led lights, you won’t be able to miss this party. The night is filled with live music, dance performances, acrobats, light shows and did I mention there’s also food trucks?


Toronto Christmas Market

When: November 18th – December 22nd


Toronto’s annual Christmas Market will be up and running within the next couple of weeks. Head down to the distillery district to grab some homemade hot coco and take some festive shots for your Instagram. Also keep in mind that this christmas market is only free on weekdays, and there’s also way less of a line to get in.


Santa Clause Parade

When: November 20th


This event is for the whole family! Whether you’re 4 or 40 you can’t deny that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you hear that jolly “ho ho ho” and see Santa making an appearance right in front of your eyes. Indulge your inner child a little and take a seat on the parade route to sing a long to Christmas carols and eat free candy canes.


The Cavalcade of Lights

When: November 26th


This event is probably my favourite, mainly because it’s the closest one to Christmas. Watch Nathan Philip Square light up Toronto’s official Christmas tree complete with an unreal firework display, a DJ skating party and performances by some surprise Canadian artists!

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